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A 1900s English Wool walking skirt

Exoticism and romance is a funny thing isn’t it?  It’s so dependent on place and perspective.  Hawaii, is, for many people, the very definition of an exotic, romantic destination, and everything from and about Hawaii is coloured in that rosy glow. Growing up in Hawaii, and growing up on Bond, Boston, Burnett,  Lewis, and Wynne Jones,  and later Stevenson & Austen (and even later, Rowling), England and Scotland were my idea of exotic, romantic locations (sorry Ireland & Wales, somehow you got shafted in the romance stakes when it came to my childhood literature).  Mackintoshes and golashes sounded thrilling, and Guy Fawkes was fascinating.  I wanted to do all the weird British things I read about, and all the weirdly British  things that my family did anyway (tea, baked puddings, but sadly, not Christmas Crackers, which my mother had as a child, but which we could never figure out how to import into Hawaii (they won’t ship them because of the firecracker component)) were that much better. Perspective is everything though.  I met some lovely …

Never tell Stella a secret…*

Priscilla has a secret, and she told it to Stella: Oh my!  How deliciously juicy! Did Stella keep it a secret? Oh no! The very first opportunity she had, she turned around and told it to me: Naughty Stella!  I’m never telling you a secret!   * This is all, of course, terrible slander on the part of poor Stella’s character, as she’s actually the soul of discretion and I’d trust her with any secret.  But I do think the photos are hilarious!

A blouse for Marilla of Anne of Green Gables

Here is a bit of a confession about the Historical Sew Fortnightly ‘Silver Screen’ challenge: film & TV costumes  don’t do a lot for me.  Or, more accurately, they don’t do a lot compared to extant garments.  There are SO many original pieces that make my heart go pitter patter, but when I watch period dramas  it’s very rare for me to love something and want to recreate it.  Sometimes a film makes me love a period, and then I go looking for original pieces in that period, but there are only a few costumes I really want to recreate, and even then I suspect I’d tweak.  I’m a tweaker! Luckily tweaking is practically  mandatory for the Silver Screen challenge, because we’re supposed to historically accuratise the costume we choose.  And also luckily there is an onscreen costume that has always fascinated me, that I had fabric for (or close enough), and that fit perfectly into my sewing schedule. My screen choice comes from everyone’s favourite non-BBC period miniseries: the 1980s Anne of Green Gables. …