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Sewing for wee ones

While I mostly sew for myself, I do occasionally sew for other people – especially if they are tiny.

Well, little.  I don’t love sewing for newborn babies, but if you are a close friend of mine, and you have had a little girl in the last oh, 20 years or so, chances are your wee one has been given a version of McCalls 8121:

Sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com6

This poor, battered pattern was my Grandmothers, and ever since I inherited it I have been using it to make little frocks and bloomers for the girl toddlers in my life.  It’s got duckies on it!  And the girl has a kangaroo toy!

Most of the early versions of the dress I made have had the duck applique (after all, I do love ducks), but lately, I’ve been branching out.

Here is a recent-ish duckie one:

Vintage sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com1

It’s made from the fabric that remained from making my sherbet  stripes dress, and is trimmed with vintage piping, and a bit of replica 1930s floral fabric.

Vintage sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com2

Vintage sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com4

Vintage sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com3

Here is dearest Mum-to-be opening it (with admiring audience of child guest at the baby shower):

Vintage sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com6

My most recent version is not duck themed – instead, it’s got dogs and butterflies, for a friend who does fantastic work with dogs.

Sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com1

As soon as I saw the fabric I knew it would be perfect for her little girl.

Sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com3

I love that it is fun and sweet and active – let’s go run around and play with puppies and chase butterflies!  I was equal parts ‘mud-pies and pretend sword fights’ and ‘sit on a cushion and sew a fine seam’ as a little kid, and I think that exploring both something every child should have the chance to do.  I KNOW that the mother of this little girl is definitely going to be giving her daughter every opportunity to be awesome at whatever she is interested in.

Sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com2

It’s fun to sew something that’s a little out of my normal range, and that I can be a bit silly and cute with.

Sewing for wee ones thedreamstress.com4

Don’t get too excited about being my friend though – I was so slow and behind with this that the recipient was almost too big by the time it was finished!


  1. Amy B. says

    I love that dress. It’s simple and sweet. I love the double pleat on the front and the duckies. So cute.

    Sewing for other people’s wee ones is lovely. When you have your own little one they rarely let you sew. And little girl dresses are just the sweetest things in the world. I’m anticipating grandbabies in a few years and I’m already making lists of what I’m going to make for those babies. 🙂

  2. It’s a printed seersucker, isn’t it? It’s cuuute. 🙂 And the first mother was serendipitiously wearing a necklace that more or less matched the wee dress!

  3. Miss Sis says

    I make a dress from a 1930s or 1940s pattern every year for my friend’s daughter, so she’ll have something to wear at living history events, but she loves them so much, she wears them all the time, which I’m really pleased about! Last year I made a short sleeeved summer dress and a long sleeeved winter one from the same pattern.
    I also knit her a cardigan for Christmas. Been on the hunt for a size 6 dress pattern for ages, but haven’t found what I want yet. Luckily, she is a slim girl and can still wear some of the older dresses! I wish I knew more people with little girls, as making dresses for them is so much fun. I have such fond memories of the many my mother made for me. I hope she feels the same about hers as she gets older. 🙂

      • aps.eduFor realz, though, if you would like to sew for a cause, Albuquerque Public Schools has 3000 homeless children (you read that right!) and many more are quite poor. They have a clothing bank and outfit children twice a year. So if you would like to help people feel beautiful and competently-dressed, you can donate here:

  4. How cute! I’m really not that old but my grandmother used to make like this for me. I seem to recall something like the yellow striped one! So sweet!

  5. holly says

    Pleeeeease make the bubble rompers!

    I love sewing for littlies (and some not so little girls). No shaping, no darts, and you get to go wild with patterns and trims.

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