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The Henrietta Maria in Mint

One of the joys of prepping patterns is the excuse to make samples of every single view.  It’s something I can get a little carried away with: I’ve got no less than 5  new versions  of the Henrietta Maria to show you!

It’s easy to get excited about making all the versions when I really love a pattern, and can find so many opportunities to wear it.

The Henrietta Maria Dress/Top

It’s shown here in mint green viscose (rayon) crepe georgette.  I love how fresh and spring-y the colour is: it makes me feel like I should be eating strawberries and skipping through daisy fields.

The Henrietta Maria Dress/Top

And I absolutely LOVE View B of the pattern, with the curved back hem.  It was inspired by a student who couldn’t decide what length she wanted the top to end at, and cut it with a curved hem.  I’ve been playing with the curved hem ever since, getting it to just the right curve to skim over the hips and dip over the bottom.

The Henrietta Maria Dress/Top

View B has become my go-to top with jeans – it adds a bit of interest and glamour, while still being super easy and comfortable to wear.

The Henrietta Maria Dress/Top

What do you think?  Do you like the dress or top views better?

The Henrietta Maria Dress/Top



  1. I, personally, like the top better. Maybe it is the color you made it in! That sea foam blue is so pretty.


  2. HoiLei says

    I like the top version best, because it can be worn as is, whereas (I’d feel) like the dress needed a belt (which isn’t a great style for me). In other words, the top feels like a completed garment, the dress like it needs an accessory to be complete. But that’s a very subjective opinion, based on my body type.

    The dip in the back hem of the top is very practical: it conceals “plumber’s cleavage” when bending or crouching. And overall I love the mix of structural (the pleats) and flowy (the drapey fabric).

    Question: I noticed the black version which was showcased in your last post has a shoulder seam. Was that a feature of the pattern in its earlier incarnation, or just a bit of piecing due to fabric limitations? I think it looks better without the seam, especially in the sheer fabric.

  3. Paloverde says

    I think the dress looks lovely on you, but overall, I prefer the top version. Anyway, that’s the version I’m going to make. The dress on me would be too straight and shapeless (and a belt wouldn’t help). The top, however, will work with separates.

  4. I really love this! The detailing around the neckline and cuffs is so lovely. Will definitely be having a look at this pattern now!
    Jenny x

  5. Stacey says

    I am not usually a fan of mismatched hems, but I loooove the curved hem on this piece. It’s a gorgeous colour as well! I’m so pleased for you!

  6. Djamila says

    I really love that pattern. I actually almost purchased it now even though I am on a strict budget right now…I swear I’ll buy this once I have recovered from my financial crisis (caused by one year of maternity leave). I like it better as a top because the dress looks a bit too shapeless for my taste. I am wondering whether one could also add pintucks to define the waist area (I am always for defining the waist because I have a pear shape and usually look better with something that accentuates the waist). I could probably manage to get away with pintuck around the waist if I add a zip in the side seam, right?

    • Yay! Glad you love it!

      I did experiment with shaping the waist. Unfortunately darts and pintucks don’t work particularly well, because most of the soft, draping fabrics that are suitable for this dress are light enough that they pull at the seams if they are fitted to the body. My preferred method is just to belt or sash it (because I really like the freedom of changing the belt or sash to fit my mood – from bohemian braided leather, to glam wide satin sashes), but I’ll be doing a tutorial on how to add an elastic waistband. 🙂

      • Oooh, exciting! I can’t wait to see all your views and the elastic waistband so I can be inspired for myself! 🙂


  7. I can’t wait to get this pattern! I like the top and the dress, but I’m sorta in a dress craze right now, so I’ll probably do the dress and pair it with a leather belt or sash.

  8. It’s lovely as either a dress or a top. Personally I would get more wear out of the top, but why not make both?

  9. Heather says

    I love the dress! It’s casual, but the shaping around the neck and sleeves adds interest and drama. Perfect for summer! I was actually just in my local fabric store last weekend, and I picked up a dark yellow rayon that was so beautiful I simply had to buy it (I saw it when I walked in, put it down to go find the fabric I needed for a peplum top I’m making, and went back and grabbed it before I got everything cut… oops). So that will probably get made up into the dress as soon as I buy the pattern. I must admit to being a bit influenced by the sash on the black dress 🙂

  10. The dress is really cute, but there’s just something SO elegant and chic about the top variation–the top is my favorite view. Just bought the pattern!

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