Hey Honolulu, I’m going to Happy Hawaii…

As you read this I’m on a plane to Hawaii for a long-overdue visit to my family.

A Hawaiian escape thedreamstress.com1

I’m currently probably the only passenger  awake on the plane, and am hunched over my laptop, glaring furiously at the  screen with the same look of intense disgruntlement  that  Felicity uses  when I biff her off my lap after she’s just settled down for a nap*.  I’m not the happiest flyer.  I’m extremely and carefully polite and courteous to flight attendants and my fellow travellers, but it’s still pretty obvious that my subconscious deeply objects to being stuffed in a tin can for multiple hours.

There will be lots of fun blog posts and photos coming out of the visit, but I’m also going to have limited internet while I’m in the islands, so I won’t be on in person  as much as I usually am.

The blog is going to be ticking over with pre-scheduled posts – an awesome mix of history and sewing and fun stuff, and the announcement of an exciting new project (very exciting).  Hopefully I’ll also manage an on-the-spot post or two as well!

To start with, here are some of my some of my past blog posts about Hawaii:


* And, since it’s the thing everyone always asks when I travel, Mr D is coming out a week later, and once he joins me Felicity will be left to the tender care and devoted attention of some cat-adoring house-sitters.  Lucky Miss Fiss has never had to suffer the indignity of being sent to a cattery.  She’ll probably be so spoiled that she’ll be miffed when we come home!

(P.S.  Bet you didn’t know Abba did a Hawaii song did you?)


  1. MayravB says

    Oooh I love your posts on Hawaii! I know very little about it (being Canadian) and your thoughtful and informative posts are great.

  2. MayravB says

    Oooh I love your posts on Hawaii! I know very little about it (being Canadian) and your thoughtful and informative posts are great. I am also a cranky flyer (11 hours to Israel and 13 back) and I find that construction-worker headphones really help take the edge off the horrible noise from the engines.

  3. I had no idea on the ABBA Hawaii song, and I have what I thought was all of their music! I think it might be time to get out the CDs again and see what album I might be missing to rectify that.
    Have fun back at home and hope the flight is a smooth one both ways.

  4. Deanna says

    Hooray! You are way overdue for a visit home. I can sympathise, being currently in the same metaphorical boat. 🙂

    Looking forward to posts about your trip! You always have so many interesting things to say, and your happiness at being home just shines through everything. And I love Hawaii. I was lucky enough to visit once when I was a kid, and I really felt at home, even though it was so different than where I was from. If that makes any sense. 🙂

    I wish you the least stressful flight possible.

  5. If you will be in Honolulu, there is a small and lovely exhibit on textiles used to keep cool (like a 19th c Chinese waistcoat made of bamboo) at the Honolulu Museum of Art, and a small and also lovely exhibit of contemporary kapa pieces at the Hawaii State Art Museum right now.

  6. Enjoy your trip! I know how much you love Hawaii, and it’s always great to see loved ones again after an absence.

  7. Leanne says

    Have a great time! Enjoy all the fresh island fruit, the sun and the time with your family. I’m looking forward to the posts about your trip and what not 🙂

  8. Safe and happy travels! My dad was born in Hawaii, as my grandparents lived there for a few years. I love learning about the history from your posts, so thank you!

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