Mama Muscovy protects her babies

The next batch of ducklings have hatched on the farm, and they are adorable.*

Mama Muscovy is doing a great job of protecting her little ones and keeping them nice and warm.  She’s a bit huffy with us, but knows we’re not really a threat, so she did raise up enough to allow us to peek in under her and watch a couple of the eggs hatch.

However, once the ducklings started venturing out a bit, she wasn’t quite so pleased when I tried to film them.  In fact, she attacked my camera!

No publicity for these little ones yet says Mama!

OK, maybe just a few photos:

Mama Muscovy & khaki campbell ducklings, Molokai, Hawaii

Mama Muscovy & khaki campbell ducklings, Molokai, Hawaii

* OK, when are ducklings ever not adorable?


  1. Iida says

    I once got to hold wild ducklings (I helped my mom to save them from fish trap my brother had left too close of the shore) and they were adorable and incredibly soft balls of fluf! Momma duck wasn’t too happy, and tried to chase us away, but once it realized we were actually helping them, it settled for quacking at us angrily 😀

  2. Elise says

    Just read a horrible news story. So I came back here to look at the ducklings one more time. GAW, they are cute. Ok, refreshed, time to do my best to put good into the world!

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