1. She’s the cutest. Once, when I was having a bad day, I set the tags to Felicity and just looked at her until I felt better.

  2. MJ Ruisi says

    …she must be something AMAZING…(really,”biting the hand …”)

    • She is! <3 For every scratch and bite she's brought me a thousandfold more moments of happiness and love and comfort. Her name suits her well indeed.

  3. Claire Payne says

    What brought on Miss Fissy’s attack of the grumpies? Did you not turn off the bad weather? Did you dare to avert your gaze from her for a second? Food tantrum? Oh deary me! What could it be?

    I am sure she will be back to being a good sewing cat soon. 😉

    • She doesn’t actually have a particular attack of the grumpies right now. It actually took me 18 months to get enough photos of her mad to write this post! And I never once cheated and deliberately provoked her 😉

  4. Djamila says

    One of the most beautiful cats on the internet. *sigh* (I still don’t have a kitty…)

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