Scroop Patterns

Know what April 1st is?

Scroop 1st anniversary sale ad

Nope, not April Fools day!  It’s the one-year anniversary of Scroop Patterns!  

Obviously it’s time to celebrate!

So….there is going to be a sale!

20% off every Scroop Pattern!


(Yay!  Yay!  Hooray!)

Sale starts 8am April 1st and goes until 8am April 8th (NZ times).

So, start saving your pennies*, planning your wardrobe and spreading the word!

Check back in on Friday the 31st for the sale code!

*or, if you live in NZ, your 10 cent pieces, because we don’t have anything smaller!


  1. Nickels in Canada 🙂 I just bought the amazing fabric I wanted when I first got the Miramar pattern and it was on SUPER SAAAAAAAAAALE!! I’m planning the dress version and I want to make a slip to go under it.

    • New Zealand had nickels when I first moved here, but they phased them out about 10 years ago. SCORE on the fabric! Can’t wait to see the make!

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