1. Tenshi says

    I just bought the Fantail pattern and may I say I LOVE you for also including metric measurements! That makes fabric shopping and size selection so much easier. Finished garment measurements are also such a helpful information. I’m seriously impressed and can’t wait to sew it up! Hopefully I’ll find nice fabric for the modern version at Sunday’s fabric market. 🙂

    • Metric measurements are the best aren’t they! I grew up with imperial, but once I discovered metric for fabric lengths I never looked back!

      I’m so glad you appreciate them, and the finished garment measurements. My goal with Scroop was to include all the things I like having in a pattern!

      Hope you find some fabulous fabric!

  2. Yay! I just bought Wonder Unders, and posted about it on IG… and realised you aren’t on there! I wonder if it would be worth having a business account there, and hashtags for your patterns? It’s how a lot of people connect about sewing and patterns!

    • Thank you for the purchase, and the posting!

      No, I’m not on IG, because I don’t have a smartphone, and IG doesn’t allow you to participate without one. 🙁

      I’ve chosen not to have a smartphone in order to create some line between my personal life and work, but it does have drawbacks. It’s really frustrating that IG has that rule.

      • apricots says

        colettepatterns.cominstagram.comIG’s insistence on being only smartphone based is annoying.

        Gillian’s suggestion to set hashtags for your patterns is still a good one though! You can do that without having an Instagram of your own. A good example is on the page for Collette Patterns – if you scroll down to the end of their Sorbetto top pattern, then you can see they have a little note/link that says “See photos tagged #corbettesorbetto on Instagram”.

        https://www.colettepatterns.com/catalog/sorbetto (the pattern page)
        https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/colettesorbetto/ (link to the hashtag on Instagram)

        So, for your Scroop patterns, you could just add a note to the page that says “Tag your patterns on Instagram with #scroopwonderunders” (or something along those lines) and then people who make it can tag with a consistent tag, and people who are thinking about making it can see other examples for inspiration.

        I have only just started sewing garments (indeed, I have only just started sewing!) but it was very helpful when I was choosing my fabric. (I am now halfway through sewing my first top. It’s very exciting.) I’m keen to try out some of your patterns too – the Miramar dress is lovely although I am not sure that I am ready for knits just yet!

        • scrooppatterns.comThank you! I definitely need to start including hashtags for my patterns!

          The Miramar dress is a super-easy pattern, and a great introduction to sewing with knits! It’s usually the second class that my sewing students take after Absolute Beginners (where they make a drawstring bag, cushion cover with zip, and pyjama pants), and every single one of them has successfully made a Miramar.

          The pattern gives pretty comprehensive instructions for sewing knits, and there are also three useful posts linked at the bottom of the pattern page 😀


          • apricots says

            Well, I am sold. I’ve bought the pattern and will give it a go. 🙂

  3. Kaitlyn says

    Thank you very much! I just printed out a historical fantail.

  4. Mary A Brown says

    Are the pattern in any fabric stores in Baltimore Maryland?

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