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To celebrate Indie Pattern Month, Scroop Patterns are on Sale!

Scroop Patterns - 10% off with the code IPM2017

To celebrate Indie Pattern Month on the Monthly Stitch, Scroop Patterns are on sale for the next week!Indie Pattern Month 2017, The Monthly Stitch

Get 10% off all patterns with the code IPM2017 – just enter the code when you check out to get the discount.

Scroop Patterns - 10% off with the code IPM2017

The sale starts 12:01 am on Saturday the 15th of July, and ends 12 Midnight on Saturday the 22 of July.

Happy shopping, happy sewing!

Scroop Patterns Henrietta Maria


  1. Chrissy says

    Hi, I’ve been enjoying your blog for some time, and I’m excited to have just bought my first Scroop pattern. I have just a little niggle though.

    It doesn’t seem clear on the scroop website that prices are in US$ and I had a bit of a surprise at the PayPal checkout to realise I that after currency conversion I was going to be paying more for my pattern than I had anticipated. I had thought that because both you and I live in NZ that the prices were NZ dollars.

    No harm done, but I wonder whether adding a clearer currency indicator might help other ‘locals’ using the site.

    Thanks for all the entertaining blog posts. I’m looking forward to running up some undies from your pattern! Happy sewing.

    • Hi Chrissy,

      Sorry you were surprised. We went with USD as a more universal currency (most people are familiar with their countries exchange rate to the US, so understand what they are paying). The price is listed as USD on every pattern listing, just below Add to Cart and above the size range. We’ll take into consideration that that might not be clear enough the next time we update the website.

      Best, Leimomi

  2. Thanks Lemomi. I see it there now. I think for me (possibly a not very observant buyer!) having it on the main price tag above the Add to Cart would have been super helpful.

    Very kind thoughts, Chrissy

    • Unfortunately that’s not a possibility with Shopify – there is no way to specify which currency with the main price listing. 🙁

      I do hope you enjoy the pattern, and thank you for sewing with Scroop!

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