I’m on Instagram!

@thedreamstress on Instagram

So, this is quite a belated announcement, because it’s been a month and a half, but I’m on Instagram!

@thedreamstress on Instagram

Yes, I finally joined the 21st century and got a smartphone and joined all the popular kids on Instagram (and, doing what I do, by popular kids I mean the popular nerds!).

Follow @thedreamstress for historical costuming and other history stuff

Follow  @scrooppatterns for pattern news, pretties, and sewing tips and tricks.

@scrooppatterns on Instagram

Both accounts feature a little bit of Felicity the Sewing Cat, because I’m not yet indulgent enough to give her her own dedicated account 😉

@thedreamstress on Instagram

See you on Instagram!

@scrooppatterns on Instagram


  1. Hope it won’t be the end of this blog, like for many others, because we really appreciate your writing too, what you think about things, and Felicity’s stories !

    We like images, but we also come for your writing, it’s really intersting !

  2. I’ve just joined up with Instagram too, but I figured out a way to do this without a Smart Phone. I can continue to be the grumpy technophobe that I am and remain in the 20th century! Anyway, I still feel that that blogs are my medium of choice – I appreciate a good read and really enjoy your writing!

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