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Introducing the new and improved Fantail Skirt pattern!

The Fantail Skirt by Scroop Patterns

I’m delighted to announce that the Fantail Skirt is once again available for sale!  

And it now fit up to a waist 50″/127cm and hips 60″/152cm!  

The Fantail Skirt by Scroop Patterns

In addition to a size range upgrade, the instructions have had a refresh – nothing too big, just small changes to make them easier and more comprehensive. The pattern layouts are clearer, and there is a bit more information in the Notes on Historical Accuracy in the Historical pattern.

And there is more!  The Fantail will also be available as a paper pattern through Wearing History in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for an announcement on that front.  

The Scroop Patterns Fantail Skirt,

Why the size upgrade?

It has always been my goal to make Scroop Patterns as inclusive as possible.  

Scroop Patterns grew out of my work as a sewing teacher, and the most common reason students give for wanting to learn to sew because Ready-to-Wear clothes don’t come in their size, or simply don’t fit right.

As a sewing teacher, I want to be able to tell every student that takes a class with me that yes, of course, the pattern comes in their size.   

When I started Scroop Patterns I made a commitment to developing two full blocks, so I could offer patterns in a 30″-50″ bust size: a range that extends 2 sizes below and 3 sizes above the most commonly available sizing in New Zealand high street shops.  It too more time and money, but was a fundamental part of the ideals behind Scroop.

While this was a good beginning for size inclusivity, it’s always been my goal to add more sizes. 

Since then I’ve been developing further blocks and testing fit, in order to extend the size range further.  In mid 2017 I added size 52, a change that is reflected from the 1703 Rilla Corset patternonwards (the 1702 Ngaio blouse patterndoes fit up to a 52″ bust with the F+ cup size).  

I’ve continued to work on my plus size blocks and fit, and I’m extremely excited to offer the Fantail Skirt up to a size 56 (60″ hips).  

Whenever possible this will now be the new size range for Scroop Patterns, and, if there is enough demand, the other early Scroop Patterns will also be extended to include the new sizing.  

If you’d like to read a bit more about sizing and Scroop Patterns, I wrote a blog post about  why Scroop Patterns are the range they are, and what that means as a small independent pattern designer  in response to the discussion about sizing in the indie pattern world that happened in late January.

The Fantail Skirt by Scroop Patterns

What if I’ve already bought the Fantail Skirt?

If you purchased the Fantail and would like the new size range, email Scroop Patterns with your original order # to receive a discount code for 70% off the new pattern.

The discount will not apply to paper patterns.


  1. Lyndlenz says

    Ka rawe Leimomi! Awesome work on the size range. Your commitment to inclusivity is much appreciated. (I don’t tend to wear skirts but will watch for future patterns). It looks great on both your models.

  2. Rebecca West says

    I cannot tell you how much I love that you have extended this sizing. I was already delighted with the original size range – it will fit me!!! – but that you extended the range is even more fantastic. I’ve been facing a huge amount of financial trouble lately so getting new patterns is out of my budget, but I have been saving and the Scroop line is on my next rewards list. <3

  3. Cool!
    And may I say how nice it was to see the pictures of you and Eloise sitting in your Fantails at the picnic? Not merely from the aesthetic point of view, but because very few images of patterns or makes ever seem to show what garments look like when the wearer is seated. And I spend a lot of time seated. (I’ve even had to get rid of garments because while they looked amazing when I was standing, they attempted to sever my hips when I sat down.)
    So being able to see how a garment sits when the wearer sits is gold. Thank you!

  4. Helga Skinner says

    Dear Leimomi,
    Please could you let me know when the fantail skirt is available to buy as a paper pattern and how I can buy one? I am in the UK but I don’t have the means to print the online version.
    Many thanks,
    Helga Skinner

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