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The Fantail Skirt – Tester makes!

The Scroop Fantail Skirt made by @nim_burgin

Here are the tester makes for the updated Fantail Skirt pattern!

The Scroop Patterns Fantail Skirt,

I used a very small group of testers, because the patterns been out for two years, and I know it works – I just wanted to double check the sizing in the expanded size range.

I used a group of local testers when I originally launched the Fantail Skirt, so it’s so exciting to now have an international group, and to see the amazing photos and flavours they bring to the pattern.

Here are the awesome, awesome testers who made skirts:

Nim @nim_burgin

I’m absolutely in love with Nim’s fabulously bright Historical Fantail – and her perfectly matched hat!

The Scroop Fantail Skirt made by @nim_burgin

And parasol! What an ensemble!

The Scroop Fantail Skirt made by @nim_burgin

I really had to restrain myself from showing you all of Nim’s photos, because they are so fantastic.

Emily @cottoncandydesign

Emily chose this really fantastic pastel plaid for her Modern Fantail skirt, and I think the stripes give such a fun effect. I originally recommended against strong stripes and checks in this pattern, but now that I see them in action I’ve totally changed my mind!

The Scroop Fantail Skirt made by @cottoncandydesigns

Emily’s fabric was a lightweight cotton.

The Scroop Fantail Skirt made by @cottoncandydesigns

Sandy @rosehipcosplay

This whole outfit makes me so happy. It’s like an 1890s Snow White!

The Scroop Fantail Skirt made by @Rosehippscosplay

The fabric is a cotton/poly/rayon (viscose) blend suiting. It hangs so beautifully. And the pointed belt is the perfect accessory for the Historical Fantail.

The Scroop Fantail Skirt made by @Rosehippscosplay

Emma @sewdoitemma

Emma chose a lovely floral cotton for her Modern Fantail skirt. It gives it such a great summery vibe. I feel like I’m home in Hawaii looking at her photos!

The Scroop Fantail Skirt by @sewdoitemma

Get your own Fantail Skirt pattern here

(or wait just a teeny, tiny bit for the paper version, coming very, very, very soon from Wearing History)


  1. Charly Clarke says

    These are all fabulous skirts. The purple is stunning and I love the floral too.

  2. JessieRoo says

    All are lovely! I especially like the purple one (and the blouse she’s wearing with it is the most perfect shade of cream..and I need it now!). And the plaid one has a lovely 1940’s look to it.

  3. Elise says

    I wish that you had listed the country, but I am pleased to see such fun creations, and flattering so many bodies! And I just loved seeing how different sorts of fabric were shown, too. Congratulations, everyone!

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