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The Eastbourne Trousers & Fantail Skirt are now available as paper patterns!

I’m so excited to announce that

The Eastbourne Trousers 


 The Fantail Skirt (Historical + Modern pattern)  

have been added to the range of paper Scroop Patterns carried by Wearing History!

Scroop Patterns Eastbourne Trousers
The Scroop Patterns Fantail Skirt,

Pre-orders for the first print run of paper patterns are now open!

Pre-ordering guarantees that you will get a pattern in the first print run. Pre-ordering closes Monday the 18th, and patterns should be in stock and ready to ship out to you by the 28th.

The Fantail Skirt by Scroop Patterns

Hard copy paper Scroop Patterns are printed on high-quality, medium weight bond paper, with easy to use spiral-bound instruction booklets.   Both patterns and instructions are in full colour.

Wearing History is based in Southern California, USA, and ships worldwide.

Wearing History also carries paper versions of the Rilla Corset and the Ngaio Blouse patterns, as well as her own pattern line, including gorgeous Edwardian patterns perfect for wearing under and over the Rilla Corset!

WWI era corset, 1910s corset, Rilla corset, corset pattern

And, of course, if you prefer you can always get digital versions of the patterns from


  1. Kristy Kearney says

    I really appreciate the extra time and effort for the expanded sizes, as well as the paper offering! Just ordered the fantail skirt paper pattern and can’t wait to try it!

  2. Hedda says

    How exciting! I’ll definitely get the Eastbournes on paper. I suspect print/taping them might be a bit… boring… Btw, it might be an idea to mention to Wearing History that they’ve forgotten to add the metric size chart. I was about to hit purchase, but was side tracked by having to look up your site to find a chart that I could read at a glance, so no purchase yet because other, less fun, chores caught up with me 🙂

  3. This is exciting! 🙂 Especially because there are a few people, out there (myself included) who still don’t have a way to print patterns at home. Hooray, for pre-printed paper hard copy patterns.

  4. Margaret says

    So glad you have paper patterns, I really dislike taping pdf patterns together. I just ordered the skirt and pants patterns. Also thank you for a full size range, I really get tired of having to size up myself, it is worth it to me to pay for someone else to do the work. I also appreciated your curvy models, it really helps me see how the pattern will look on me. Hurrah for women of all sizes.

    • You’re most welcome on all counts! Thank you for buying Scroop Patterns, and I hope you love sewing with them. <3 <3 <3

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