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Scroop Patterns: Call for Testers for a new dress pattern

I’ve got a new Scroop Pattern ready to be tested!

The Pattern:

A timeless princess seamed dress with a deliciously swishy skirt that will make you feel like dancing every time you wear it.

It features princess seams that skim the body, with pattern pieces for Small (A-B), Medium (C-D) & Full (DD/E+) busts, front buttons, and a flattering scooped neck. View A ends at mid calf and has flutter sleeves and inseam pockets.  View B ends just below the knee, and has short sleeves and patch pockets.  Mix and match sleeves and pockets for a variety of looks. 

The dress looks beautiful in light-midweight fabrics with good draping qualities in cottons, linens, rayon/viscose, wool, and synthetics.  Suggested fabrics are rayon/viscose and cotton challis; rayon/viscose twills; tropical weight wools; lightweight wool crepe; soft linens in twill and plain weaves. 

The pattern comes in the full Scroop Patterns size range, from size 30-56, with pattern pieces for Small (A-B), Medium (C-D) & Full (DD/E+) busts


For this pattern I need testers who are low-intermediate or higher level sewers with some experience sewing buttons & buttonholes.

You will also need to:

  • be able to print patterns in A4, A0, US Letter or US full sized Copyshop paper sizes
  • have the time to sew up the item if you agree to be a tester for it
  •  be able to photograph your make being worn, and be willing for me to share your photos on this blog and instagram.
  • be able to provide clear feedback
  • be willing to agree to a confidentially agreement regarding the pattern
  • have a blog or other format where you share and analyse your sewing

I would hugely appreciate it if you would share your finished make once the pattern launches, but this is not mandatory.  I’m asking for TESTERS, not marketers.  The requirement of a blog/other review format is to help me pick testers.   I want to be able to see how you think about sewing, and that your experience level matches up to the pattern.

As always I’m be looking for a range of testers, in terms of geographical location, body type, sewing experience, and personal style.

The Timeline:

If you’re selected to test I’ll let you know and send you the materials requirements, line drawings, and the full pattern description a week from now, by 12pm NZ time on Thur the 27th of Feb (Wed the 26th for most of the rest of the world).

I will send out a digital copy of the pattern to testers a week later, before 4pm NZ time on Thur the 5th of March.

Testing & Reviewing:
Testers will have until 4pm NZ time on Thur the 19th of March (14 days, with two full weekends) to sew the dress, and respond to the testing questions.  I will need basic photos by this date, but if you want a further weekend to take better photographs I can wait until Sun the 29th of March for those.

What you get:

Pattern testers will get a digital copy of the final pattern, my eternal gratitude, and as much publicity as I can manage for your sewing.

Keen to be a tester for the dress pattern? please email me with the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your high bust, full bust, waist and hip measures
  3. Your height
  4. A bit about your sewing experience — particularly dresses
  5. A link to your blog/Instagram/Flickr/Sewing Pattern Review profile/something else sewing-y presence
  6. A link to a sewing make with a review (so I can see how you think about and analyse your sewing)
  7. Do you have any other skills that would really make you an extra-super-awesome pattern tester?  (i.e. experience copy-editing, cat pictures to bribe me with, 😉 )
  8. Where are you located (doesn’t need to be too specific – continent, country, state, whatever you’re comfortable with).

Email me to be a tester!

If you’ve already applied to/been a tester for Scroop Patterns in the past you are welcome to just copy and paste all the info into a new email, as long as nothing has changed.

Hope to hear from you!


  1. The testing time frame doesn’t suit, but I LOVE the design. Definitely purchasing this when you bring it out.

    • Sorry to hear that you can’t test, but delighted to hear that you like the design! I’m pretty excited about it! It’s looked fabulous on my preliminary testers!

  2. Totally purchasing this once it’s out! The pattern looks amazing.

    I’m trying to decide if the timeline for the pattern testing fits my schedule…..

  3. Rebecca Freeman says

    I would love to test, but don’t post publicly about my thought processes on sewing. Will certainly be looking for it once it’s released.

  4. Oh darn it I would have loved to test but the time frame doesn’t suit as I’ll be far away from my sewing machine 🙁 I’ll look for the pattern when it comes out though!

  5. Ooh yay I love a bit of swish in my clothes when I go dancing! I’ll send my application to test later today 🙂

  6. Jennifer Kubenka says

    This is my busiest work season (I am a collaborative pianist and the spring semester is wall-to-wall rehearsals and performances), but I am definitely going to purchase this pattern when it comes out. I love dresses like this so much. They’re flattering to so many different figure types, and as well, they don’t scrunch up awkwardly when I am at the piano. 🙂

    • I understand about busy seasons! I always have to work around mine with patterns. I love the thought of this dress being worn to play piano. I learned to sew because I failed music lessons 😉 It will feel like I finally succeeded!

  7. Jennifer Kubenka says

    What got left out is that I would love to test this pattern, but because this is my busiest work season, I can’t. Somehow that clause got deleted from my first sentence. Sorry!

  8. Fiona says

    I am in Germany, not currently testing anything/blogging anything and very challenged by finishing a project in 10 days (14 might work) so, thank you for reminding me, what I could work on.

  9. Renee Halm says

    The time frame for testing us not good for me, but I LOVE the pattern, and hope to purchase it. How will you notify us when it us available?

    • I’m delighted you love the pattern! I’ll definitely be announcing it here, and if you sign up for the newsletter through I’ll send out a notification there 🙂 (and I promise I’m not one of those companies that sends out a newsletter every three days! Every two months is a lot for Scroop!)

  10. Karen says

    Have been making my & family clothes for over 1/2 a century. Love the full bust sizing! Sadly after 35 years my Husky is need of intense servicing & won’t be able to meet your deadlines. Let me know when/where can buy patterns for myself & for some family & friends. Already have some fabric on hand that would sew up beautifully with this pattern. Can’t wait .

    • I hope your machine comes back from its service all happy and ready to sew for another 35 years! I’ll be blogging about the pattern here when it launches, and also through the newsletter, and on my IG @scrooppatterns 🙂

  11. I have been doing my dressmaking and alteration services for more than 5 years. I have all my own sewing needs like sewing machines, an overlocker , button covering machine etc etc. Eagerly waiting to become a tester.

  12. Caroline Dickerson says

    I would love to test the pattern, I have a degree in fashion, and now do patchwork so like to incorporate my fashion with the patchwork, but unfortunately do not have the means to print

    • There are companies in the UK that will print patterns for you and mail them to you, so you can do PDF patterns without a printer 🙂 However, because this is a test version it can’t be sent out to a printing company. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the finished pattern though!

  13. I am nowhere near expert (or fast) enough as a sewer to be a test maker, sorry, but I have noted this on my list of patterns I am interested in sewing as my skills grow.
    Does it have a name, or is that Yet To Be Revealed?

  14. Hi, I am a (home) dressmaker and I sew my own clothes for my own patterns. Love to explore new things in the field. Therefore happy to be a tester with Dreamstress.

  15. Elise says

    Congrats on a new pattern-to-be! It seems to be just as considered and inclusive (and beautiful) as the others. Looking forward to seeing what your testers do, Along with the finished product! (You make it so easy to your hype girl!)

  16. Lholy-chan says

    I can’t apply to be a tester as I have an injured arm and lots of things going on, but the new pattern seems lovely! Very promising, I can’t wait to see more when it’s released.

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