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Meet Marie, Charlotte & Sophia: three fabulous 18th c mantle patterns!

Scroop + Virgils Fine Goods 18th C Mantle Patterns

We are so excited to introduce the first Scroop + Virgil’s Fine Goods mini collection!  Marie, Charlotte and Sophia are three fabulous mantle patterns that can be purchased individually, or as a combined pattern of mantle amazingness.

Scroop + Virgils Fine Goods 18th C Mantle Patterns

Buy the patterns here! – and get 15% off for the first week!

Each of these patterns features two mantle shapes and a range of trim and construction techniques.

From the darling Marie (1740-1779), to the chic Charlotte (1770-1795), to the dramatic Sophia (1775-1810), these three patterns will elevate all your 18th century costuming ensembles, be the perfect addition to your cosplays, and add a fun historybounding touch to your modern wardrobe.

Between the three patterns there are 6 different body views, and instructions for:

  • Lined or unlined mantles.
  • Hooded and hoodless versions.
  • Interlining for extra-warm mantles.
  • Three hood styles: the small Marie with star pleating, the medium Charlotte with fan pleating, and the extravagantly large Sophia with hem pleating
  • Working with lace to imitate the look of 18th c all-lace mantles
  • Almost every possible type of mantle trimming:
    • pinked trim
    • hemmed trim
    • ruffled trim
    • pleated trim
    • purchased fringe as well as self-made fringe
    • marabou
    • faux fur
    • lace

If you buy the combined pack (and get 3 patterns for the price of 2!) you can mix and match hood pleating, linings, trims, and finishes between patterns for a practically limitless array of choices.

The detailed historically accurate sewing instructions cover everything you need to make your own beautiful versions, from first stitches to final trimming.

The pattern comes in four size packs that cover bust sizes 30”-52” (76-132cm).  The pattern is very flexible in size, and can be worn above and below the range sizes.

Scroop + Virgils Fine Goods 18th C Mantle Patterns

I’ll be writing individual posts on each pattern over the coming week.

Scroop + Virgils Fine Goods 18th C Mantle Patterns

Buy the pattern here! – and get 15% off for the first week!

The 18th Century Mantle Trio is the fourth collaboration between Scroop Patterns and Virgil’s Fine Goods.  Our patterns combine Amber of Virgil’s Fine Goods’ extensive mantua making skills with my patternmaking and teaching skills.

Our goal is to bring you easy-to-use historical patterns with comprehensive size ranges and detailed historically-accurate instructions. The patterns are available as downloadable print-at-home patterns, to make historical sewing more accessible to sewists everywhere, and as paper patterns through Virgil’s Fine Goods and other stores.

We’re extremely proud of this pattern, and are so excited to see your versions!

All the gorgeous tester versions will be coming shortly! Their makes are so inspiring. They combined views, used our trim suggestions, and styled the mantles to their own taste.

More about the mantles:


  1. They are all gorgeous, but that Sophia hood is Something Else! Utterly wonderful, and perhaps kissing cousin to the Azorean hood.

    • Thank you! I had to look up Azorean hoods. You’d certainly get lots of privacy wearing one of those and a Sophie and kissing Your own little room!

  2. Elise says

    Congratulations! This is marvelous, and they all look so pretty so far. It will be wonderful to see the tester-makes!

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