Felicity the Costuming Cat at work and play

One of the horrible facts of life that I’m having to face is that Felicity is getting old, and I won’t have her forever.  She turned 14 this year, and has had a very rough six-months health-wise, with thyroid issues causing kidney issues causing her to loose 2/5 of her body weight in only 6 months.

You’ll be happy to hear she’s doing much better now, so I can hopefully look forward to a good few years more of snuggles, help, and general wonderfulness.

Despite not feeling the best, she’s still been a dedicated sewing helper, patternmaker, and nap buddy.  Here’s a catch up of her activities.

They include:

Sitting on sewing projects:

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

Sitting on me while I sew:

A calico cat sleeping on a lap, with handsewing in the foreground.

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

Keeping a firm paw on the pattern-instruction process:

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

And the pattern testing process:

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

(sorry, this is a personal pattern, and not one destined for a future Scroop project.  Sometimes I need to do things just for me!)

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

And she even managed to get in a few naps in the sunshine:

Felicity the Costuming Cat thedreamstress.com

She’s such a good kitty!


  1. Del says

    It’s hard to watch our dear kitties age. I lost one of my 16 year old boys this year and his littermate misses him terribly (as do I). Best wishes for Felicity – what a darling girl! Glad she has a wonderful human loving and caring for her.

  2. nofixedstars says

    she is beautiful and a treasure. glad that she is feeling better. i can’t imagine life without feline companionship and, er, assistance.

  3. I have a sewing assistant greyhound, rather than a cat! But he performs many of the same functions! Felicity is so precious; I always love seeing posts about her!

  4. Aww, she’s so cute and soft looking! Glad to hear she’s feeling better, and I hope she has a good few years left in her too.

  5. Marie Curious says

    I’ve always thought that Felicity and my cat were kindred spirits separated by the Pacific Ocean, and I think this confirms it. Chenille is a 16 year old floofy calico with kidney disease and thyroid issues who is also an extremely dedicated sewing helper (how do they wake up from a deep sleep and appear when all you’ve done is unfold a piece of fabric?) I’m glad Felicity is feeling better, and hope that she has many good years ahead of her still.

  6. Lynne says

    The dear girl. She is such a talented sewing helper! I am so glad she is feeling a bit better. Your photos of her are so beautiful.

  7. Christina Kinsey says

    Felicity always makes me smile , I don’t have a cat , myself , so I am sending cuddles from the UK to her

  8. Kathy Hanyok says

    Felicity is such a Love! My cats, unfortunately, are banished
    from the sewing room because they are thread-eaters and I can’t afford another colon operation.

  9. Elise says

    Fuzzy assistants make everything better. Their presence can become bittersweet as they get older and need more of our help. Yet they are so utterly and absolutely worth it. My own fuzzy coworker is getting older, but still full of love and play. And it sounds like others here are in love with their own buddies. Animals are so wonderful. Thanks for the Felicity update.

  10. My first cat, Sugar, ultimately died of kidney disease; we found that out after she got a severe infection in both kidneys. But after a weekend of treatment and hydration at the vet, she survived and, with proper home care, lived another 3 years. I agree that you should have Felicity for a while yet. And I’m happy for that! Best of luck to both of you.

  11. Carol Nicholson says

    She is more than a pet; she’s your partner.

  12. Getting to this post quite late; how did I miss it, as I always look for Miss Felicity in your posts!

    May she be feeling better, darling sweet ever-kitten.

    Gentlest of pats to her and a chirrupping miaou from our little calico Nutmeg,


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