Portfolio – 1870s/80s Nougat corset

The 1870s-80s nougat corset

The Idea and Inspiration:

The pattern for this corset was based on an extent corset from a private collection in California.  The corset is a fairly comfortable, flexible, generic style which works well for the entire second half of the 19th century.

I love the corset pattern, and have made dozens of corsets based on it.  I wanted to make one specifically for me though, using my favourite colours and fabrics, and thus the nougat corset was born.

Fabric and Materials:

Nougat pink dupion silk (not historical, but I love it anyway) lined in paisley patterned quilting cotton. Cotton coutil support fabric, spiral and spring steel boning, metal eyelets.  Bound with soft cotton twill.  Trimmed in vintage ecru lace.

The Dress Diary:

 The fabric & beginnings

Attaching the lining and exterior

Binding the corset

The finished corset

Fitting a bodice over the corset

At a corset talk

Corsets, cakes & cameras

Shell in the nougat corset

 Rachael Rouge in the nougat corset at Dr Sketchy


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