Portfolio: 1901 straight-fronted ‘Briar Rose’ corset

Rachel Rouge in the 1901 Briar Rose corset

The Idea and Inspiration:

To make an early 20th century straight-fronted corset.  The Briar Rose corset was originally intended to be worn with Emily’s 1903 dress, but came out a size larger than the dress, and will be used as a prototype for the final corset.

The ‘Briar Rose’ corset was based on the 1901 corset pattern from Norah Waugh’s  Corsets & Crinolines, though I draped the pattern myself.

Fabric and Materials:

Slubless oyster silk shantung (a gift from my MIL), rosebud patterned quilting cotton lining courtesy of Mrs C , crisp midweight cotton support fabric, spiral and spring steel boning, metal eyelets.

The Dress Diary:

Draping the pattern  

The fabric and beginnings

Patterning issues

The finished corset

The corset at Dr Sketchy on Rachel Rouge and Shell  


Waugh, Nora.   Corsets & Crinolines

Lynn, Eleri.  Underwear:  Fashion in Detail.  V&A Publishing: London, 2010


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