Portfolio: 1770s man’s suit

The Idea and Inspiration:

A formal 1770s man’s ensemble to be worn as a matching pair with the Lady Anne Darcy robe a la francaise.

The project was started at the same time as the Lady Anne Darcy gown, but languished in costuming limbo for a few years.

It’s my first attempt at 18th century menswear, so I’m using it more as a trial piece, and don’t expect it to be perfect, or perfectly historical.

Inspiration Gallery

Man’s suit, Tiden’s Toj

Fabric and Materials:

  • Jacket — vintage kimono fabric, silk with metal brocaded spots.
  • Waistcoat — quilt effect synthetic brocade
  • Shirt – fine cotton lawn
  • Breeches –

The Dress Diary:

Research and helpful links:

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