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Grandeur & Frivolity – the 1770s suit

I’m pretty happy with my 1770’s man’s suit, especially as it is my first real go at 18th century menswear, but I do still want to make some tweaks to it.

Even so, I was quite pleased with how it looked at the Grandeur & Frivolity talk.  The model certainly helped: Daniil carried off  sky blue satin, wig, stockings and bows with all the poise and hauteur of a proper French courtier.

Daniil enjoys his armchair as I discuss Clarissa's dress

The duchesse silk satin creased something awful from being sat on.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Would 18th century silks crease like that?

Discussing the back and side vents that made wearing a sword possible

Discussing the back and side vents that made wearing a sword possible

Look at that posture!

I love how Daniil is in blue, and all the girls are in warms and neutrals

The glasses aren't totally historical, but I think models should see!

Sigh. Creases. But beautiful pleats.

Daniil and Chiara are good friends, so we got them to pose together after the talk.  The outfits may be over 100 years apart, but they sure look gorgeous together!

I have no idea what is going on here


Discussing shoes, and shoe bows


  1. I am sure that silk has always creased to heck, in all centuries. I imagine men back then had a really good handle on arranging their coats so as to not sit creases into them, having had a lifetime to learn and not ten minutes, and of course they had valets to fuss over and pamper all those high maintenance clothes.
    I think Daniil looked gorgeous! I love how his natural dark colourings contrast with the light wig, reminds me very much of the guys in the 19thC bustle goes 18thC sheperdess rate the dress painting 🙂

  2. Kay Morgan says

    The whole ensemble looks superb and the model wears it with a very subtle elegance, congratulations!

    About the coat tails, I’d love to know what the etiquette for arranging them while sitting was. I remembered this portrait of an 18th c. Spanish politician, Jovellanos(http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/43/Jovellanos.jpg) where his coat looks like it’s been arranged all at one side to avoid sitting on the tails. But it must have creased all the same, right?

  3. Hayley says

    My word, that’s an ugly girl in the maroon jacket and tricorn hat! :-p

  4. Elise says

    Looks just swell. By the way, why was ‘wine’ not included in the poll? 🙂

    • Well, for one, I’m a teetotaler, and for another, I guess I thought of ‘favourite’ as the one you have most often, and I would really worry if any of my readers consumed wine more than any other beverage! Also, then I would have had to do all the alcohols, and the poll would have gotten looooooooooong!

  5. Looking at these photos again makes me realise how much I love that you don’t just do pretty clothes for ladies — you make men look fantastic, too!

    Now, to get Mr. Dreamy in a Mr. Darcy outfit…

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