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Early 1950s fashions and fabrics in Japan, Part 4 of 5

I’ve been having so much fun showing you these images.   I love all your comments about the fashions, and the discussions we have had about Japanese society in the post war era. Ready for some more adorable early 50s fashions for women and children? This section of designs is all on paper that is quite yellowed and acidic with age.  It’s really quite interesting how the paper throughout the booklet is different. First, some kids hats.  I just love that these were necessary enough to be included in the pattern book! And then, some fashions for boys and girls: And back to adult clothes: I really like this artist’s style.  The women are so sweet, and reasonably anatomically probable. This artist also gives a lovely sense of life and action to his sketches: And finally, a few more children’s frocks: Next week Monda I’ll show you the very last one.

Early 1950s fashions and fabrics in Japan, Part 2 of 5

I gave you just a tiny taste of some of the darlingness in the early 1950s Japanese pattern book.  Here are a few more. Lets look at the suggested fabrics: There are clearly different sections in the book, with different styling.  I think the above fashions were ladies fashions, and these are junior frocks: Aren’t they so lovely and young and fresh? There are children’s fashions too: I find it very interesting that the kids look Japanese (or at least fashion drawing Japanese), while the adults are either Caucasion or very generic any-ethnicity. And then there are these ladies. Who simply don’t have half their faces The simple dresses are livened by lovely details, and the beautiful fabrics. I hope you enjoyed them!  More in a few days!