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Early 1950s fashions and fabrics in Japan, Part 2 of 5

I gave you just a tiny taste of some of the darlingness in the early 1950s Japanese pattern book.  Here are a few more.

I love the colours of these dresses - muted blue, lavender-plum, and brown orange

Lets look at the suggested fabrics:

This pattern is so funny - it's like little cats or aliens, or something naughty!


I love the middle dress, but that green frock looks hard to pull off!

There are clearly different sections in the book, with different styling.  I think the above fashions were ladies fashions, and these are junior frocks:

So cute and fresh! I can't decide if I love the black or the white and green best

Aren’t they so lovely and young and fresh?

The white frock on the left! *swoon!*

There are children’s fashions too:


OK. The little boys overalls crack me up!

I find it very interesting that the kids look Japanese (or at least fashion drawing Japanese), while the adults are either Caucasion or very generic any-ethnicity.

I'm in love with the black dress

And then there are these ladies. Who simply don’t have half their faces

I love that these are, for the most part, really simple, casual, easy-wear fashions

The simple dresses are livened by lovely details, and the beautiful fabrics.

Simple dresses with clever little quirks

The little faux over-jacket on the left? And the pockets on the right? LOVE

I hope you enjoyed them!  More in a few days!


  1. Zach says

    I love the top brown one too, but I thought of funny looking forks when I saw the fabric pattern–it is odd isn’t it? That one dress…gracious…that would take one hot mama to pull it off! Matronly doesn’t even begin to describe it!

    I love all of these 50s fashions, by the way. It’s one of my favorite eras.

  2. Janie says

    I’m totally in love with the very top middle dress. Love.

  3. I just noticed how Anglo those women look, then realized what was going on in Japan in the 50’s… Post-war occupation. I always knew it wasn’t just a military occupation but a cultural one, so this is even more interesting…

    I’m always a sucker for simple dresses with tucks- wide, thin, vertical, horizontal, everything in between…

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