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Felicity & fish

Felicity has cute eating habits. For the most part, she’s only interested in cat food. She turns up her nose at all human food, no matter how tempting it seems. Salmon, both canned and fresh, steak, chicken, bacon, venison, cream: all sorts of seemingly delicious tidbits have been offered to her, and rejected. You can leave any food on the counter at our house and know it will be untouched when you return With one exception. Felicity loves tuna. Amazingly, her love of tuna includes both fresh yellowfin tuna imported from Fiji, various canned tunas, and dried & flavoured Japanese tuna seasonings. If it’s tuna, she’s all over it. And, unfortunately, all over us as we try to eat it. Of course, she’s so darn cute that a lot of the time we give in and give her some!    

No skill required

No experience maybe I could believe, but no skill is too much for any sewing aid ┬áto claim! The colours and graphics are adorable though – worth collecting even if the actual buttons defeat all my experience and skill