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Of mice and men

A few years ago, just after we got Felicity, while she was still a tiny kitten, our neighborhood had a mouse outbreak. It started in the camilla hedge a few houses down, and a week later, we had a mouse in our kitchen. Ick.  Eww. So of course I needed to get rid of it, and Felicity wasn’t big enough to do the job, so we needed a mousetrap. I didn’t want to use poison because of Felicity and the possibility of the mouse dying in the walls if it worked. Double ick and eww. And I didn’t want to use a snap trap because of Felicity and the probability of dead mouse spilling guts and goo if it worked. Triple ick and eww. So, what I needed was one of those nifty little box moustraps that traps the mouse alive and lets you release it a couple of miles down the road, thus inflicting it on someone else. Yippe? So off I went to the hardware store.  No dice.  Nothing but the ick snap …

Dear Felicity

There is a warm spot in front of the heater just a few metres to the right of you.  Mr Dreamy’s lap is just a few metres to the left. So why, oh why, do you insist on sitting firmly in the middle of the fabric I am trying to work with!?!

Hats and cats

Remember yesterday’s hat?  Well, Felicity got really excited when I made it.  There was something about the rough straw that she just couldn’t resist. See where that shot is going?  Yep…next minute she rolled off the chair and onto the floor, hat and all! She even wanted to sit on my lap and play with it while I sewed: And then, when I was finished, she consented to pose with it: