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Madame O's Rilla Corset by Scroop Patterns

Madame O’s embroidered Rilla Corset

I had a fantastic group of testers for the Scroop Rilla Corset, and they all made amazing corsets. With every Scroop Patterns I select testers from all over the world, to make sure that the instructions are universally clear and comprehensive, but I always try to have at least one local tester, so I can see their resulting garment in person. With the Rilla that was particularly fun, as Madame O was one of my local testers, and she embellished her test corset with her  fabulous embroidery (remember the embroidered buttons she made for this wedding dress?).  And she’s let me photograph and share it! This is a test version of the Rilla Pattern, so doesn’t look exactly like the finished pattern does (the main differences are the shape of the front cut out), and Madame O tried single boning construction to see how it would work (answer: not nearly as well as double, so stick to the pattern!).   SaveSave

TVEO1, 1900s Edwardian corset

Time to be my own hero: adventures in Edwardian corsetmaking

The 1900s ‘Touch of blue’ corset that I made recently was the first 1900s corset that I’ve finished, but it wasn’t the first that I started. (brace yourself for a long post, full of problems!) I’ve had the TVE01 Edwardian corset pattern in my stash since shortly after it came out, but hadn’t gotten around to making it up.  Then Lauren of Wearing History made a gorgeous version of it in green brocade back in March 2014.  I fell in love, pulled out my pattern, and immediately started my own version. I had green on my mind thanks to Lauren’s version, so I picked a silk taffeta in pale spring green, and a midweight  herringbone twill cotton for backing and support. Lauren had mentioned that she must have measured wrong, because her 1900s corset came out quite small.  So I measured very carefully, and checked the pattern very carefully, and was a little generous in picking my size. I flat lined everything, sewed everything together, added stunt bones, and  a stunt lacing strip, and tried …

A corset-themed tale of hubris and irony

As a blogger, it’s tempting to only show you my successes: things that turn out perfectly, and look beautiful.*  But that’s not fair to you, or me: it creates an unrealistic expectation of life, and how well you think you should do at any given project.  As a reader, I get frustrated with blogs that are only about perfection and glamour: I find myself comparing myself, and feeling insufficient, but I also find myself bored, because while you can definitely learn from seeing other people’s amazing successes, I think you often learn a lot more from seeing their mistakes (for one thing, you learn how to avoid them!). So this, dear readers, is a post about a sewing project for my Fortnight in 1916 that has most definitely not been a success – but which I have learned a great deal from, and which you may also learn something from! I’ve showed you my black and white 1916 longline corset, and mentioned that it was made directly from a pattern,  without being altered to fit …