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Meet the Persis Corset – the perfect late Edwardian corset!

Scroop Persis Corset

Meet the newest Scroop Pattern: the Persis Corset!

This fabulous late Edwardian corset features dramatic swooping seam lines and three bust sizes (Small (A-B), Medium (C-D) & Large (DD/E+)) and two waist-to-hip ratio (hip flare) size sets to make it easy to get the perfect fit.  

The front page of the Scroop Patterns Persis Corset (1907-11) with line drawings of a late Edwardian corset with distinctive curved front panels

Buy the Persis Corset Pattern here!

Its elegantly curvaceous silhouette is typical of the transitional corsets of 1907-11, as the fashionable shape moved from the extreme hourglass of the early Edwardian, to the slim lines of the 1910s.

Scroop Persis Corset View B scrooppatterns.comThe Persis is based on a combination of four extant corsets, as well as style lines taken from fashionable corsets sold between 1907-11.

I’ve had a folder of images of corsets from this period with the amazing front curve shape saved in my inspiration file for years, and I’m so excited to finally make a pattern featuring them a reality!

Buy the Persis Corset Pattern here!

Scroop Persis Corset View A
The Persis pattern includes the detailed fully illustrated instructions that Scroop Patterns is known for, as well as a Fitting and Alterations guide, and additional historical information.

There are definitely some challenging sewing elements to the Persis (those amazing front curves have to be sewn carefully), so it’s a great skill builder if you have some corsetry experience, or a good intro to corsetry for an advanced sewist.

Scroop Persis Corset View B

The Persis is available in sizes 30-52, and comes with three bust sizes (Small (A-B), Medium (C-D) & Large (DD/E+)), to make it easy to get the perfect fit.

The Persis also has two waist-to-hip ratio (hip flare) size sets.  The ‘Average’ size set has a 14” difference between waist and hip, and is best for those with a natural waist-to-hip difference of 9” or more. The ‘Slender’ size set has a 10” difference between waist and hip, and is best for those with a natural waist-to-hip difference of less than 9”.

The Persis is custom graded to perfectly fit each size, and includes custom boning layouts for each size grouping, in order to ensure that every size fits perfectly.

Scroop Persis Corset View B

But wait, there’s more!

To celebrate the launch of the pattern, get 10% off the Persis pattern for the next week only!

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Scroop Persis Corset View A

The Views & Models

Te KuraHuia is wearing View A of the Persis in Size 38, Medium Bust, Average Cup.

Scroop Persis Corset View A

In addition to being a fabulous model, Te KuraHuia is a fantastic performer.  She’s onstage as part of Mana Wahine Showcase for the FIFA Women’s World cup this Sunday 23rd July 2023, 12PM (noon), TSB Arena SHED 6 Te Whanganui-ā-Tara (Wellington) – and it’s free!

Fipe is wearing View B of the Persis in Size 42, Medium Bust, Slender Hips.

Scroop Persis Corset View B

Fipe is a size 46, and stepped in to model when the original model the corset was made for was unavailable.  Ideally she would wear a Size 46, Average Hip.

The corset as shown on her has a larger lacing gap than the pattern is designed for, and does not have the additional boning channels of Size 46, which would provide more smoothing and support.  Her waist would be even more ‘snatched’ (her words!) in the Average fit, but she still looks pretty darn amazing in this size!

Many thanks to the Katherine Mansfield House and Garden for letting us use the museum as a shooting location.

The beautiful background and stunning light were a joy to work with – and the models had a fabulous time exploring the house while we shot!

Buy the Persis Corset Pattern here!


  1. As usual, I am veeeery excited for the “extants behind the pattern” post. 😀 And I love that you’re filling a gap. I love how far historical costuming has come since I started, that we’re now, at least in some eras, filling gaps in terms of years instead of just lumping things into decades and decades-long chunks.

    • Sadly I’m not allowed to show the photos I took of the extants I studied for this pattern, because they are for personal research only, but I can share lots of other corsets of this era that helped build my research!

  2. Annie says

    Beautiful! Do the curved panels on the front serve a function, or is it just aesthetic?

    • Thank you! All of the panelling contributes to the overall shape of the corset, but the specific curved point is mostly aesthetic – you could achieve the overall shape with simple vertical lines.

  3. nofixedstars says

    beautiful,, and perfect for my favourite historical period of clothing. if only i could sew decently! i’m sure many who can will find this so useful.

    • Thank you! You’re totally welcome to buy the pattern and commission a seamstress to make the corset for you. But I also hope you get to the point where you feel confident sewing something like this

  4. Christine McGrath says

    Hello, the corsets are beautiful. I also love the undergarments that models are wearing. Do you have patterns for these.

  5. […] historiallisia juttuja. Itseäni inspiroidakseni ja saadakseni ompeluinnon taas päälle hain Scroop patterns’in uuden Persis-korsetin kaavatestaajaksi. Olinkin erittäin iloinen kun tulin valituksi mukaan. Vaatekaapissani on […]

  6. Tina says

    Do you actually make corsets? I am very interested in the Persis. If not, do you know anyone who could make one for me?

    • I do not make corsets for sale, but you are welcome to take the Persis pattern to a corsetmaker and have them make it for you. To find a corsetmaker, search for corsetmakers on etsy who do custom work, or ask among historical costuming groups in your local area. There are also FB groups where you can ask for costumers for hire.

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