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Call for Pattern Testers for a 1907-11 Corset – CLOSED

UPDATE: this call for testers is now closed, thank you to everyone who applied!

UPDATE #2: The pattern is now available for sale!  Get the Persis Corset Here

It’s that time again!  Scroop Patterns has an exciting new corset pattern ready to test.  So, that means I need testers to help make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

1907-11 Corset Testers Wanted

If you’d like to apply to be chosen to help test the corset, keep reading to learn more, and how to apply…

The Pattern:

This corset is based on the transitional corsets sold between 1907 and 1911, as the fashionable silhouette moved from the extreme curves of the early Edwardian era to the straighter silhouette of the 1910s.

Scroop Patterns 1907-11 Corset Line Drawings

It has longer lines, with less abrupt transitions between the waist and hips, than earlier straight-fronted corsets, but retains the curved panels that wrap around the body and triangular bust and hip pieces of Edwardian corsets, rather than the vertical panels typical of later 1910s corsets, like the Scroop Rilla Corset.

Like most 1900s and 1910s corsets, this corset is made from a single layer of strong fabric. Both views feature dramatic swooping front panel seaming which forms an inverted fan shape, bust and hip gussets, and four garter straps.

View A has a slightly dipped front neckline that sits just below the nipple, a slightly raised back neckline, and a bottom edge which curves up over the front of the legs before dipping slightly down at the hips.

View B has a sweetheart neckline that dips lower than View A at center front, and then curves up to finish just above the nipple, a higher back neckline, a squared off center front point, and a higher back hem.

Front and back neck and hem lines can be mixed and matched between the views.

The pattern will be available from a 24”/61cm waist to a 46”/117cm waist, with three bust sizes and two hip spring options.

1907-11 Corset measurements


This is an high-intermediate/advanced corset pattern.

We’re looking for testers with previous corsetry experience (if you’ve made the Rilla this would be an excellent next step) OR a good range of non-corsetry modern or historical sewing experience.

To be a tester you will need to:

  • Be able to print patterns in A4, A0, US Letter or US full sized Copyshop paper sizes
  • Have the time to sew up the item. You’ll have four weeks to make a finished corset,  and provide feedback, and a further week to provide photos.
  • Be able to photograph your make being worn, and be willing for us to share your photos on this blog and instagram.
  • Provide clear feedback
  • Agree to a confidentially agreement regarding the pattern

I would hugely appreciate it if testers would share their finished make once the pattern launches, but this is not mandatory.  I’m asking for TESTERS, not marketers.

As always I’m looking for a range of testers. I need a spread of geographical location, body type, sewing experience, and personal style.

Based on previous calls for testers, there will be 30+ applicants in each of the most common size ranges (34-40 bust), so if you aren’t chosen, it’s not that you weren’t fabulous, it’s that there were many applicants.

Social Media

Having a social media presence helps your chances of being chosen as a tester, but isn’t necessarily a requirement.  I’m significantly more likely to choose testers who have an online social media presence, as that means I can really see and analyse their sewing, and how they think about sewing, when I’m choosing testers. I do occasionally choose testers who don’t have social media, especially if they fill a less common demographic.

The Timeline:

Applications to test the corset are open from now until 10pm Monday 29 May, NZ Time (unless I receive so many applications I won’t be able to consider them all properly, in which case I’ll close applications early)


If you’re selected to test I’ll let you know and send you the materials requirements, line drawings, and the full pattern description by  10pm NZ time on Friday the 2nd of June.   This is Thur the 1st for most of the rest of the world.


I will send out a digital copy of the pattern to testers before 10pm NZ time on Friday the 16th of June.

Testing & Reviewing:

Testing will go for four weeks.

While it’s not required, it’s strongly recommended that testers make a toile of this pattern.  I’ll provide guidance and tips on toiling corsets as part of the pattern testing.

Testers will have until  10pm NZ time on Friday the 14th of July  to finish their corset and provide feedback.

They will have a further week, until Friday the 21st, to provide photos

What you get:

Pattern testers will get a digital copy of the final pattern, lots of thanks, and features on my blog and IG.

Testing also offers testers an opportunity to get group and 1-1 feedback, assistance, and sewing tutorials.  I’m modelling our testing process after an online class, albeit one you don’t pay for, because you’re letting me beta test the pattern on you.  There’s an online group that testers can join as they wish.  I’ll also be running a couple of live zoom events.  I’m committed to making testing as beneficial to testers as it is to me, and to improve my testing process with every pattern I do.

To Apply:

Applications are now closed.

1907-11 Corset


  1. Shawn Myers says

    I don’t expect to be chosen but I’m sending in an application in anticipation. I have sewn for 30 years, historical for 3, formal for 4, and the rest is a mess of costume and fun. I prefer 18th century but enjoy the 1950’s and steampunk. I’ve created two corsets one a disaster the other I did a fine job. Lessons learned from the first. I’d like to say I have an endless amount of time to sew but I am a school teacher and summer is here. Thank you for you consideration. I would be a size 36.

  2. I’d love to test this but I would be the extreme fit example being pear shaped. 28 inch waist and 41” hip. If you are ok with that sign me up.

    • I choose testers based on a whole range of factors. Being an extreme fit definitely isn’t an automatic no – it’s always good to test a variety of body shapes. I can’t guarantee I can fit you in as a tester, but you should still apply if you’re interested!

  3. I wish I had the time to do this because it looks awesome. Unfortunately I’m working on a commission and wouldn’t be able to fit it in, even if you chose me. I will look for the finished pattern though as I’ve wanted one in this style for a while.
    Good luck with the process

  4. Dr Claire A King says

    I’d like to be considered as a pattern tester. I’m used to sewing my own clothes from commercial patterns. I’m a software engineer, product engineer and studied embroidery so am practical and artistic. I could give you a detailed report on how I interpreted the pattern instructions and any issues I found to help you improve or revise the pattern and associated data,
    This would be my first corset. If I fit into your target market, let me know.

    • Thanks for your offer. As noted at the top of the post, testing is closed. In fact, it finished last week, and the pattern launched this week!

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