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The Corset Model Class of 2011

I got photographs of all the models wearing their corsets on Saturday against a plain cement wall. Every time I have looked at the photos since then, I have cracked up. They remind me of the kind of pictures you take in Elementary School for a ‘me, myself, and I’ project. You have the kid who can’t stop grinning, the kid who closes their eyes in every picture, the kid who won’t smile because they think they look better without one (that would have been me), the kid who won’t stand still for even a moment, and the kid who probably should have been a model. We all look ridiculous, and absolutely gorgeous, all at the same time.  It’s a total celebration of personality, and all the different facets of beauty that exist. Without further ado, I present Ms Oakes’ Corset Model Class of 2011. And finally, the erstwhile instructress: Ladies, you can teach me anytime!

A ribbon corset

I took a break from serious sewing and whipped up a ribbon corset.  And I do mean whipped up – despite the very lackluster pattern and directions, and ribbon that wasn’t the same width as the original, it was super easy to do. The corset was based on a pattern from Jill Salen’s ‘Corsets: Historical Patterns and Techniques’.  It dates to 1900.  The original is in the Fashion Museum, Bath. The ribbon is a 3″ wide vintage ribbon from Nana’s stash. Without any planning or forethought, I managed to match the pattern perfectly across the centre front.  Whoohoo for coincidental wins! The pattern is a little busy and overwhelming, but I rather like the OTTness of it. The inside of the corset is not quite as beautiful as my corsets usually are, but it’s still pretty. I have a confession to make though.  I finished the backsides of the ribbon with iron-on interfacing, and just trimmed off the edges.  I know.  Naughty, naughty me!  Next time I’ll be good and use real fabric and sew …

Rebecca in Regency

Rebecca was actually supposed to wear the Laurel dress for the talk on the 2oth of Nov, but I was so scatterbrained that day I tried to duplicate her and put her in two dresses, so she ended up in the Regency. You know what though?  I think she looks lovely. I loooooove the back of this dress!  And the hair ornamentations. Madame Ornata lent me the shawl for the talk.  It’s a real Indian shawl embroidered with paisley designs.  Not an actual Kashmiri paisley shawl, but should I ever be lucky enough to afford one I probably won’t let models trail it around for photoshoots! Rebecca is wonderfully elegant and graceful in this dress, and looks so tall and slim. And I’m terribly envious of her profile too.  Look at that elegant nose! She was a little shy in front of the camera sometimes though.  I had to tease her to relax. As a result, some of the best photos of Becca are the casual ones Madame O took.