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Grandeur & Frivolity – the 1770s suit

I’m pretty happy with my 1770’s man’s suit, especially as it is my first real go at 18th century menswear, but I do still want to make some tweaks to it. Even so, I was quite pleased with how it looked at the Grandeur & Frivolity talk.  The model certainly helped: Daniil carried off  sky blue satin, wig, stockings and bows with all the poise and hauteur of a proper French courtier. The duchesse silk satin creased something awful from being sat on.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Would 18th century silks crease like that? Daniil and Chiara are good friends, so we got them to pose together after the talk.  The outfits may be over 100 years apart, but they sure look gorgeous together!

Finished project: Ninon’s dress!

I teased Chiara at the Grandeur & Frivolity talk that I should never let her wear my dresses as every time she puts on one, I love the way it looks on her so much that I never feel I look right in it again! She looked especially amazing in Ninon’s 1660s dress at the Grandeur & Frivolity talk.  So amazing I almost don’t want to add any more trimming to the dress.  Or that might just be the minimalist in me talking 😉 The trim is on hold anyway while I find the perfect ribbon or lace. I’m so in love with this dress.  It’s everything I hoped it would be, and then some.  The colour is perfect, the fabric sublime.  The skirt pleats, the smooth bodice, the sleeves, the laced bodice.  It all worked perfectly. The fichu/wrap thing is just pinned on with a fabulous brooch courtesy of Madame O.  I’m working on a way to attach it which is both practical and historical. We took a few photos of Chiara and I …

Feeling Grand and Frivilous

Here are the images from Grandeur and Frivolity: Music and Fashion in the courts of Louis XIV and Louis XV. The event went beautifully.  It was a privilege to work with The Historic Arts Trust, and especially the amazing Clarissa, who arranged all the music and coordinated all the musicians. I’m also deeply indebted to all of the people who made this possible: Mrs C, Madame Ornata (two of the dresses were hers!), all the models, my sister and mother in law, Shell and Joie de Vivre, and of course Mr Dreamy. And you!  For suggestions and support and encouragement and research!  Seriously – some days when I’m just soooo tired, reading your comments is just the perk-up I need to keep going.