Feeling Grand and Frivilous

Here are the images from Grandeur and Frivolity: Music and Fashion in the courts of Louis XIV and Louis XV.

All of us, all looking amazing

Ralph dances a period dance. I didn't make his outfit!

Bianca, the soprano, thrills us all

Clarissa talks about music while the Blonde Venus & Daniil look on

Bianca illustrates 18th century undergarments, & masquerade costumes

With Madame Ornata and the Blonde Venus, both amazing frocks by Madame O

Discussing the invisible embroidery on Daniil's coat

The Blonde Venus & Ralph dance the minuet

The event went beautifully.  It was a privilege to work with The Historic Arts Trust, and especially the amazing Clarissa, who arranged all the music and coordinated all the musicians.

I’m also deeply indebted to all of the people who made this possible: Mrs C, Madame Ornata (two of the dresses were hers!), all the models, my sister and mother in law, Shell and Joie de Vivre, and of course Mr Dreamy.

And you!  For suggestions and support and encouragement and research!  Seriously – some days when I’m just soooo tired, reading your comments is just the perk-up I need to keep going.



  1. DROOL! Oh WOW! I just love your presentations, seeing all these gorgeous costumes together. I hope you give us a run down of each one, too, like you did for your Pompeii to Paris talk.

  2. Dear Dreamstress,
    Bravo, bravo! The photos are so evocative that if only we had the music and song, we would be there. I imagine that it was *fascinating*. What a terrific, and sensible, combination of topics. You all do the neatest things.

    Very best,
    Natalie in KY
    which is seeming dull by contrast about now, oh, and hot

  3. Tamsin says

    Beautiful work. I can’t help wishing men still dressed like that nowadays 🙂

  4. Wow wow wow, what a gorgeous night it must have been, music and costume together like that would have been wonderful. I wish I could have been there dressed in a gorgeous gown. All that was needed was a 18thC supper and all the senses would have been taken back to that time. Congratulations Dreamstress you are amazing.

  5. Stella says

    Just amazing. Wish I could have been there (my parents were in town that day). I really like Daniil’s coat.

  6. Looks fabulous! I’m sure it was a great presentation to see! Beautiful costumes, as usual!

  7. Looks like another fantastic, and inspiring talk. Kudos to you, Leimomi! I only wish I’d gotten to be there. Did anyone video it?

  8. Beautiful clothes, especially Daniil and Ralph. Men really knew how to dress to look good back then, especially the knee breeches. Nowadays the fashion seems to be to dress as scruffily as possible to make yourself look awful.

  9. Amazing!!!! Love the lindy hop pics and the corset draping too 😀

    Your work is always lovely!

  10. Shelby says

    Love the pictures! They are beautifully done( I love photography.) By the way, who is Daniil. Your work is gorgeous.

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