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Queen of the garden

Chiara was, as always, absolutely gorgeous and fabulous in the 1780s robe a la francaise (Lady Anne Darcy’s wedding dress) two Saturdays ago. I’m so excited to show off her pictures, because I feel that, as many times as the dress has been worn, this is the first proper photoshoot it has had. Hello sweetness! I told her to examine the exotic ferns: new plants were all the rage in 18th century Europe Oh, will my lover come!?! Swoosh Want to see more?  Check out the gallery on the portfolio page.

A little bit of loveliness

I did a talk for a conference on Saturday and it was AMAZING. Afterwards, the models and I went out into the park next to the venue and had a photoshoot, which was soooo much fun. And then I went home, had some time with Mr D, had a nap, got up, and went dancing.  Perfect day. Anyway, here is a sneak peek of  images from the photoshoot.  I’ll be sharing more throughout the week, including individual model photoshoots, and as they come in from the various photographers cameras. The raspberry swirl gown got its first showing ever at this event, though I need to finish the bertha. There were four different cameras in use, so a great deal of interactions and formal and informal posing was captured. I mainly got formal, posed, images of single models, but I love the shots that other photographers got of groupings. In addition to the dresses I made, Madame O wore her sapphire dress, and we paired a vintage 1940s nightie from her collection with a vintage 30s …