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Baroque & Rococo Out-takes

Last week I was privileged enough to do a photoshoot with Mandi of A La Mode Photography  for Radio New Zealand.  The photoshoot will be featured on the Radio NZ website to coincide with a programme developed by Clarissa Dunn, who collaborated with me on the Grandeur to Frivolity talk. The day was just fantastic – three gorgeous models, and Clarissa as an (also gorgeous) advisor and model all in my 17th and 18th century outfits, hair and makeup fully done. Mandi took a whole series of formal studio portraits while I madly ironed and laced and did hair while all the models who weren’t in front of the camera helped.  She’s posted a sneak-peek of the shoot on her website, and now I’m even more excited about seeing the rest, if that is possible! After the formal studio shots it was time for fun.  We ventured out into the streets of Petone, and I captured a series of very un-serious and un-historical, but totally fabulous, images of the models blending modern life and historical …

Feeling Grand and Frivilous

Here are the images from Grandeur and Frivolity: Music and Fashion in the courts of Louis XIV and Louis XV. The event went beautifully.  It was a privilege to work with The Historic Arts Trust, and especially the amazing Clarissa, who arranged all the music and coordinated all the musicians. I’m also deeply indebted to all of the people who made this possible: Mrs C, Madame Ornata (two of the dresses were hers!), all the models, my sister and mother in law, Shell and Joie de Vivre, and of course Mr Dreamy. And you!  For suggestions and support and encouragement and research!  Seriously – some days when I’m just soooo tired, reading your comments is just the perk-up I need to keep going.