Let there be light

During our photoshoot at the old Dominion Museum building Theresa noticed the huge stained glass windows.  I’ve posed in these windows before, with limited success (tricky, tricky lighting), but I think this series turned out much better – if only because it makes me laugh.

Theresa gave very detailed directions about my face and hands.  She kept telling me to look up toward the light, and then to point “no, don’t just gesture, point!”

I stood.  I looked towards the light.  I gestured. I pointed.  I tried very, very hard to keep a straight face.  Theresa said “let their be light!” and there was.

Look to the light!

Gesture to the light!

Point to the light!

And there was light!


  1. The Mad Purple Chicken says

    You look AMAZING! The windows are so big and beautiful, they make a wonderful background, almost as good as an enchanted forest full of unicorns.

    Also, imagine the house plants you could have with windows like that!

  2. Claire Payne says

    A perfect shade of yellow for you. Beautiful. Is there a story to go with the dress? Tales of the era? New technical terms for us to learn?

  3. Birdie says

    Lighting is always tricky, but that’s why pro’s use Adobe Lightroom. 😀 Post processing is probably the god of digital photography.

    • But even post processing can’t fix a not great photo 😉 You can really tell the pros who use Lightroom and Photoshop to fix a lot, and the ones who can take a great photo without a lot of help.

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