18th Century, 19th Century

Tea times two

Here are a few more photos from the Afternoon Tea fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House.  

There is a funny story behind why I am posting these photos involving certain people thinking that the gorgeous Rachel (who is wearing Japonisme, which I almost always wear) was me, because I didn’t post any photos of me.  Flattering as that is, I thought I’d best post some of me to clear up any confusion!

Ladies taking tea

Rachel & Karina listen to me talk

Anne-Marie & Rachel with the remains of the tea

Madame O on the staircase

In Ninon on the staircase

Karina on the stairs

All together now

Gorgeous architecture

Rachel on the staircase


  1. Lynne says

    Lots of good reasons for posting more photos of beautiful ladies in beautiful dresses!

  2. Claire Payne says

    Frock-tastic! Don’t wait for an excuse to post pretty dress photos. Just do it. We’ll love it.

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