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Friday Review: Richmond Antiques and Curios

Remember a long, long time ago, when I posted about some vintage photography pogey bait?  I picked the photos up at my favourite antique/junk shop ever, Richmond Antiques and Curios, in Richmond, Nelson, South Island.

Anyway, I figured it was high time I reviewed the shop.

What it is:

RAAC is what my mother calls a “junkshop” type antique store.  It has some of everything, pretty much all jumbled up in a barely organised heap.  This is not the place to go if you want 18th century French antiques in pristine condition.  It is the place to look if you are missing a piece of your china pattern, want a vintage lamp for your front hall, or need that particular type of gardening spade that they haven’t made in decades.

A good clue that this isn't a serious, snotty antique store. It has a taxidermied cows head outside the front door.

The Good:

This place has EVERYTHING.  It’s like a museum where you can touch all the items, but where nothing has a label to explain what it is.  It’s an excellent place to spend a happy afternoon.  And the staff are friendly and let you poke round forever.

Here is a very random assortment of the fabulosity on offer:

Kerosene lamps. I love kerosene lamps. We had them when I was little.

An old ladies field hockey uniform. I wonder if this is for the national team?

I really, really want this map chest. But not the balls.

Silver and celluloid servers

Diamante pogey bait

What a fabulous chair! One of the many lovely, covetable pieces of furniture that wouldn't fit in my house.

The other really good thing about this place is that EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING has a price tag on it.  I hate having to ask in antique stores.  Most of the time I just don’t bother.

Vintage flour sacks - all individually priced.

The Bad:

Not for the dust adverse.  Or for people who are distressed by disorder.  Or for people who know just what they want, and expect to be able to pop in and get it.  You need to be prepared to browse.

A toilet seat and an old sewing machine. And lots of chairs. And some stuff that completely baffles me. All dusty.

Piles of linens. Lots of browsing necessary.

Also, the pricing can be a tiny bit erratic.  Most things are very reasonably priced, but the occasional item or category is inexplicably pricey.

I don't know what this is (other then a tea-set-y thing), so I don't know if it is overpriced. But it is pretty. And missing a piece. And pricey. And not particularly useful.

The Ugly:

How about this dust-gathering but of statuary in less than pristine condition:

I think she is trying to flirt with me. I'm scared.

Or these extremely dubious post-apocalyptical dog bookends.  Pray they don’t reproduce:

I mean really, would you pay for those? Only if you needed a really, really bad gag gift...

Or this doll.  All dolls are creepy, but this one particularly so.  I am sure she comes alive ever night and stalks the streets of Richmond, searching for her prey.  Look at her:

And finally, this may be the best ugly I will ever come across:

I kind of want him. I wonder what sort of decor goes with a stuffed boar? I would call him Boris.

The Verdict:

Good enough that I almost didn’t tell you about it (hey, you have to keep some of your sources secret!).  Luckily there is plenty of yummy vintage and antique pogey bait goodness to share around – so now you are in on the secret!

Pretty pretty handbag pogey bait. Also a scary animal horn.

I've always wanted a fancy vanity set. I don't think I'll ever get one now though - I have too much clutter already!


  1. I love stores like that! There are a few tucked away here and there in my area, and spending an afternoon browsing is such a delight.

    That doll, on the other hand, is going to haunt my dreams. 🙂

  2. MrsC says

    Wonderful tip off, thank you! I love Nelson and it’s always good to find new places to potter around 🙂

  3. MrsC says

    Yes indeed, she makes Chucky seem like a good Samaritan!

  4. The teaset is so gorgeous, my favorite colors to wear and decorate with. I vow to have a green, white and black morning room one day. You could plant flowers in it, would be useful and pretty and not matter that a piece was missing??

    I’m so glad I googled youand came over. For some reason after the switch (though I’m sure I changed your address) my blog reader wasn’t showing dreamstress and I missed you! I thought you were on sabbatical.

    • I’m so glad you found me – I made some announcements, but I’ll have to get my webmistress to check that things are going through correctly.

  5. That looks EXACTLY like my kind of antique shop. For my treasure hunting experience, looking just like an attic! OF COURSE it is situated on the other side of the Earth. *sigh*

  6. Ooh looks awesome, gutted I never made it there. I’m intrigued by that super-expensive tea set … did you catch a maker?

  7. I love browsing in stores like that. I just love the peacock clutch so much I wish you could mail it to me.

  8. Thanks for sharing! Those uglies are definitely ugly!! LOL! I rarely venture into such places because I get all tense from the jumble. I should make myself go in and just observe like you did!

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