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An artistic exchange

I’m working on a very exciting, but slow, project.

I’m making a quilt for my sister to give to her best friend who is having a baby.

And she is going to make me a piece of art.

I’m so excited.  Her art is AWESOME.

I want one like this… (shhh don’t tell…)

The quilt I am making looks like this:

Well, it looked like that a few weeks ago when I took really bad photos of it.  It looks much better in person, and it’s going to look even better when it is done in a month or so.

And Felicity already likes it, so I’m feeling pretty good about it.

As long as she can avoid getting into the trouble she got into with the last Hawaiian quilt I made, everything should be fabulous!

I’ll keep you updated as I sew (and take better pictures).  And if you want to keep updated on my talented sister, you can follow her on facebook.  Or just check her website.


  1. jackiead says

    Dreamstress you are so lucky to have a kitty with such flawless taste. Felicity looks to be a great assistant with your sewing projects.

    • LOL, it would be so much more helpful if she had bad taste and spent time with the ugly things instead of sitting on the stuff I like all the time!

  2. Quilting is such an art of patience. Your quilt and quality control specialist are beautiful. Would love to see the finished product. Hope you share!

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