Just a quick update to say I’m here in Hawaii, and I have internet (at least for a moment!).   Things you should know:

-Air New Zealand is fabulous.   I want to kiss them.   They gave us hokeypokey  Kapiti Ice Cream with dinner.   And I got to watch Dr Who for my whole trip.   Being on an airplane was actually fun!

-Being a taxi driver in Hawaii is easy.   1) You don’t have to know how to drive (not a single turn signal used in 40 minutes in the cab) and 2) You aren’t expected to know how to get ANYWHERE.   I had to have a map book and give directions.

– It is so HOT.   OMG.   I’m on my third shower in 12 hours and am about to go swimming.

– The air smells so good.   And it is so soft.   And trade winds are wonderful.   I feel like I’m in a hug.

– I’m off to swim and eat malasadas and poke and Mexican food.   Heaven.

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  1. Sounds awesome! Hubby was born on the Big Island, near Hilo, and he needs to take me there. Have a great trip!.

  2. Madame Ornata says

    It’s good to know you have arrived safely and are having a great time. My profuse aplologies I meant to ring BEFORE you left doh!
    Go Air NZ!! Presumably the usual immaculate service and non stop Dr Who AND hokey pokey Kapiti icecream – now that is my idea of a preferred airline!

    Take care and have a ball :-)Ka kite ano

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