Shoe happiness

I have a fatal attraction to brown shoes.

I blame it on Marlene Dietrich.  She advised wearing shoes the same colour as your legs to make your legs look longer, and since my legs are basically brown, I’m seriously into brown shoes.

Brown shoes are also more historical and vintage appropriate than black shoes, at least for my favourite periods.

These are my two latest brown shoe acquisitions.

The first pair is a modern shoe, by Neo of Spain.  They are super comfortable, and delightfully vintage in aesthetic.  I need more 1930s inspired dresses to wear with them!

I found them on sale right after I passed a personal milestone – they were my reward for the milestone.

My second shoe acquisition is a pair of 1970s Clarks, made in England.  They make my feet look tiny.  I found them at my favourite thrift shop.

While they are 1970s, they also look perfectly 1930s.  I definitely see where my spring 2010 wardrobe is heading!


  1. Lovely shoe collection! I’ve just bought myself some Clarks too, the 1920’s inspired dance shoes (Ripple Water).

  2. Amelda darling they are all gorgeous! I love brown shoes too, however to match my legs they would need to be white, or maybe a light ivory hehehe. Love them anyway 🙂

  3. Great shoes. I confess a black shoe addiction, specifically black leather.

  4. Love them, especially the open-toed ones in the top pic–I have a very similar pair in black…am wearing them now 🙂

  5. jackiead says

    I love shoes too! Especially your Neo two-tones they look comfortable while being stylish. I was watching an old 1940’s movie the other day and several of the main characters were wearing two-tone spectators. I thought spectators are incredibly classical. Why can’t we find spectator styles today?
    And by the way, what are the shoe designers of recent thinking designing women shoes with killer heels and pointy toes requiring pinching off the little toe in order to fit into the dam things? And what inspires women to buy these feet killers? Sorry for rambling, I was just wondering.

  6. Loveeee those shoes. Especially the second pair, i have been looking for shoes like these for a while. 🙂

  7. I love the Neo shoes, they are absolutely gorgeous. Wonder if Neo are available in the UK ?

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