A quintessential kiwi experience

I got held up in my car this morning, waiting for a herd of sheep to cross the road.

You can’t get any more New Zealand than that.

Granted, I live in a city, and the herd I waited for the was the local petting zoo being unloaded for a party at my neighbors house.

Not quite the usual postcard picture.

Still, it felt very NZ, and reminded me of how much I like springtime, especially the parts that involve gamboling lambs.

Here are some of my lamb experiences:

Newborn lamb and watchful mama, Napier, NZ, 2003

Curiosity killed the...ummm...my vote is on the cat to win


The dreamstress, pet lamb, and friends


  1. Paul Miller says

    I guess I’m classically American enough that I had to read this post twice to realize you didn’t mean you were ‘held up’ as in ‘at gun point and robbed’ during a freakishly well-timed sheep crossing.

    • Hahahaha! I’m thinking Greece or Argentina might be much more plausible places to get held up at gunpoint while waiting for sheep to cross the road!

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