The Historical Costume Inspiration Festival

Gentlewoman Thief left me a comment a few weeks ago:

Also, I’ve been meaning to ask since I noticed the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival button on your sidebar — do you mind if I ask what you’re making for it? I’m doing something(s) for it and am very excited to see what others are working on!

Basically, I’m entering the Costume Inspiration Festival as a lark, because I can.

Historical Costume Inspiration Festival

And because pretty much everything I have ever made would qualify for it.

So no, I’m not making something new.  And I haven’t even decided what I will enter.

Maybe Jeanne Samary:

Maybe my wedding dress:

Maybe the Madame Recaimer dress:

Maybe everything I have already made!

In any case, it will be a good excuse to do a few fabulous photo shoots!


  1. Ooh, I see! Thanks for answering my Q 🙂 And yay for many, many costumes (though a little bit of ‘boo’ that there won’t be a new outfit especially for the festival)!!

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