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Flourish, polls and other bits and bobs

First off, if you check out the Events page, you will notice a new event (in addition to my Pompeii to Paris talk): Flourish.

“To flourish is to grow, thrive and blossom.

To flourish is to develop succeed and prosper.

To flourish is to attract attention, make bold gestures, standout from the crowd.”

The textile design students at Massey University have been creating gorgeous one-off silk scarves as a fundraiser for Downstage Theatre.  If you are lucky enough to be in Wellington you can visit an exhibition of the scarves  at Thistle Hall, and attend a fantastic evening at Downstage to bid on one of the fabulous scarves.

And the scarves  are fabulous – I’ve been watching the students create them and drooling over the designs!  They have put hours and hours of work into the designs, and they can only get one true printing off of them.

Second, you may have noticed my new poll function on the sidebar.  I’ll be running weekly lighthearted polls about textiles and fashion and pretty much anything and everything else I can think of.  Except politics.  And probably sports.  But who knows.

And for the record, speaking of polls, I can’t believe that no one wants to be a zombie!  Just think of the lack of worries – the only thing on your mind would be brains!  Mmmmm….brains….

Mmmm...brains...wait, no, that's a tulip! It does look kind of brain-y, or at least organ-y, doesn't it?

Third, I’m dripping in commissions, and (luckily) also feeling fabulously productive, so as long as I can tear myself away from the dress form and the ironing board and the sewing machine, you should see lots and lots of sewing posts. If I can’t…well, then you’ll see lots and lots of cute pictures of Felicity.

Now that’s not a bad thing, is it?

Felicity pictures can never be bad

Finally, I entered four items in the Historical Costume Inspiration Festival, mostly because every time I’ve been bored and had internet access I’ve popped over and added another one.

Go and check out the other stuff on offer (I’m seriously drooling over the wire Royals Swedish crowns!), and check out the costume portfolios of the ones I have entered.

The waterlily dress


  1. jackiead says

    Yes you are so right, there is no picture of Felicity that can be bad! What ever she does is worth a picture and I enjoy seeing her antics posted!

  2. Kathy P says

    What sort of tulip is that? It’s weirdly gorgeous; I’ve never seen one like it before. (And I lived in Holland!)

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