20th Century

Vintage naughties

It turns out that there are a lot of very saucy vintage beauties frolicking around the internet.  When I first found some I was a bit taken aback.  My inner Victorian prude fainted.  Luckily, with her on the floor, my inner bohemian artist had room to appreciate them.

I love these photos because their bodies look just like mine.  They have a bit of squish.  Their waists aren’t that small, and their busts aren’t that big.  Their thighs rub together.  Sometimes they have ugly feet (I don’t have ugly feet).

And somehow, showing you long dead ladies in their altogether doesn’t seem quite as naughty.

That's a fabulous dress, and a fabulous bathroom

I love the blend of innocence and provocative.

Go figure, it's a cigarette ad. And she has ugly feet.

I love the lion! Or is it a bear? And I'm sure it's the same model as the girl above

OK, she is a little too perfect. Great headdress!

The sweetest naught photo ever.

Unfortunately I couldn't find an un-touched-up version of this wonderfully pensive photograph.


  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Too bad visual culture has changed so much that depicting a natural form like that nowadays would be shocking…

  2. I am sure it was shocking back in the day. Lovely images, I love the lady in her beautiful bathroom best, that almost gown is so ephemeral, I would love to be able to wear it and see how it made me feel. Now there is a thought, maybe I should make a copy of it.

  3. I think these must have been very shocking. And one would not talk about them openly.

    BTW, old cigarette ads tend to be provocative. Just look at Alfons Mucha’s cigarette ads.

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