Birds and bees and flowers and trees

I love macro.  I think this has already been discussed.

I also love bugs and creepy crawlies, so that is where I direct my macro attentions.

Here are the macro  (and bird) pictures from the road trip.

A bug near Mount Sunday

Buzzy bees at Lake Clearwater

Honey time

Paradise ducks on Lake Wakatipu

Seagulls fishing on Lake Wakatipu

A butterfly near Te Anau, on the way to Milford Sound

It was a very obliging butterfly

I love that this photo looks like a painting

A scaup on the Mirror Lakes, on the way to Milford Sounds

Fuzzy ducklings on the Mirror Lakes

An inquisitive rock wren at Mirror Lakes

Even flies are beautiful in macro (taken in the parking lot at the Chasm)

A cicada at the Chasm, on the way to Milford Sound

An inchworm, Milford Sound

A bee in the torch flower, Moeraki

A ladybug on an apricot, near Christchurch


  1. Great photographs! Though I admit I like the landscape shots more than the insect close-ups.

    If I could take photographs that were that beautiful and illustrative, my blog…would look very different. 😉

  2. Love the photo of the Mirror Lakes. Sigh. New Zealand is so beautiful, and its wildlife so friendly!

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