I chopped off a bit of my finger slicing cheese on Sunday.

My blood stain came out pretty:

It's a perfect profile of a beautiful woman with flowing hair.

And Mr D has to do the dishes because I can’t. So there are bonuses.  I’d still rather not get cut though.

Owee me


  1. Spooky, the stain looks like a woman in profile! If youw ere Catholic then you might see this as a sign 😉

  2. Kathy P says

    Oh, dear. I hope you don’t start a new trend for bandaid art. It is pretty cool, but I’m sorry you sliced your finger.

  3. Ouch, and sorry for you, and glad that there are bonuses.
    But why, oh why, doesn’t your new poll feature Vionnet? I have no one to vote for now! 😀

    • I actually thought about that…but only after I had thrown it away. Besides, I don’t want some random stranger having my DNA!

  4. LOL!
    How come my blood stains don’t look pretty like that? xd

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