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Mme Poiret II

My model for the most recent talk reminds me so much of images of Denise Poiret that I have to stop myself calling her Mme Poiret when I talk about her.

Denise Poiret, wife and muse of Paul Poiret

Mme Poiret II

I’m not sure what it is – there isn’t a huge physical resemblance, but when I watch Denisette move, and pose, I ‘see’ Denise in my mind, as an echo or shadow moving with my living model.

I love that profile!

It’s a very propitious sign in a model!

I've got to say, I've never seen a picture of Denise Poiret smiling like that!

These photos were all taken during  the photoshoot on November 21

The exotic scenery works perfectly with this dress

Denisette has wonderful arms and hand movement. Victorian sculptors would have loved her!

Tussah silk and raw silk interacting

The dress is so sculptural. I love it!

In the greenhouse

Ferns and feathers


  1. Having the advantage of observing the live Denisette today, I think there is a likeness in the shape of the face and build, which does add to it. And yes, she is all grace! Wonderful arms!!

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