One of those days

This was supposed to be an elaborate tutorial on making a petticoat to go over a hoopskirt, but yesterday was one of those days.

You know those days…

Mine started the day before – at 2 I got a frantic phone call from the Naiad.  She was heading away for a 4 day self sufficiency festival, and her ride had suddenly switched from the next morning to 4 that evening.  So I rushed across town, abandoning my plans to have a swim, a tidy, and do some baking, and instead took her to all the most hideous chain stores in Wellington in pursuit of all the supplies she needed.

And then at 4 the ride didn’t show up, and at 5 we had a call that it was moved back to the next morning.

So then I headed back across town, in rush hour traffic, picked up Mr D on the way, and collapsed into bed with a raging, sun/driving/chain store induced headache.

Only to remember that I had a study group that evening.

So I dragged myself out of bed, tried to find my study book (no luck), remembered that I hadn’t done the baking I was going to take as snacks, staggered out the door, drove to my study group, only to find it had been cancelled.

Back home, tried to sleep, tried a shower, tried to eat, all to no avail in the quest for pain-relief.

Alas, no charming children brought me miracle headache cures

A terrible night of tossing and turning later, I had to wake up ridiculously early to drop the car off at an appointment at the garage so that the mechanic could do a bunch of work I didn’t care about and charge us enough money for me to go visit my parents for the privilege of doing it.

And I had to wait around in town while they worked on the car, as there wasn’t quite enough time for it to make it worth my while to go home.

And I still had the raging headache.

Finally got to go home, house was a disaster, but I collapsed into bed anyway.

Woke up ridiculously late, but finally feeling better.  Hoped that my run of that day was over.

No such luck.  I had just put on clothes (at least I had put on clothes, the one mercy in that day!) when the rental agent showed up to do the inspection that I had completely forgotten we were due for.

And the house was a tip.  As much of a tip as it has ever been.  Piles of dishes in the sink, laundry everywhere (clean, but she couldn’t have known that), bed unmade, fabric for three projects cut out and scattered everywhere.  I hadn’t even cleaned the litter box yet.

A flattering impression of my house

She was very nice about it, but still….

Anyway, that is why you have a long, whinging, poor me post to read today instead of a lovely helpful tutorial.  Sorry.


  1. Bless your heart. I hope things chill out for you a little bit. Aren’t inspections dreadful? I mean, they’re usually fine in themselves, but I hate the thought of my rental agent constantly looking over my shoulder and coming into my house. Like a reminder that I’m a renter and therefore the dirt of society or something.

    • LOL – at least in Wellington everyone rents so there is no stigma. There is a joke that “You know that you live in Wellington when you buy $3000 designers suits and still live in a damp, mouldy, drafty house”

  2. Oh, heh, thanks for featuring me. I looked over into my own face and thought WTF? I’m not at Leimomi’s?

    • Oh, I should make it clear that isn’t actually my house! That is the interior of a 19th century sod cabin in the American midwest!

      • I know it wasn’t a pic of your household, lady. I know you have better taste in china. LMBO.

  3. Madame Ornata says

    Aw no lil buddy, doesn’t that just suck the kumara?

    Well I would suggest (just for a mo’) giving life the finger! Turn off the phone, ignore the mobile, settle into bed with icecream, choccy and some fabulosity to titilate the mind and distract one sufficiently from nasty ol’reality. You already have the fabulous Miss Flissy for comfort and fun kitty games. Hmm and you could remind Mr Dreamy of his cherishing obligations (if he wants to retain the coveted title of Mr Dreamy).

    Anyone involved in Real Estate and property management generally make slime molds look good – FTA and who really cares what they think.

    You have my enduring sympathies for the undeserved bad luck that has unfortunately come your may – may your luck change forthwith!

    • I totally did that the other day (watched the fourth season of Mad Men) and it was awesome. Batteries recharged.

  4. Hmm. Seems to me that having all the kaka things go wrong together is better than when they wheedle themselves out one at a time to sort of dampen a whole fortnight of life! In that spirit, I sincerely hope that you’ve had your quota of kaka for at least a month or so! Actually, I think you may have put someone else into credit also 🙂 *hug*. Want to talk chiffon behaviours some time over the weekend? xo

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