19th Century

Shell in Japonisme

I’m dreadfully overdue in posting images of Shell in my Japonisme dress (the talk was weeks ago), but in a way I’m glad. Because I waited to post these, I had the opportunity to get to know Shell both for her grace and poise as a model, and for her warm nature and wicked sense of humour.

Of course, only her grace and poise are on show in this post.

Perfectly poised

The locket is hers

Her colouring is perfect, and the irises are the final touch of fabulousness

Does it open?

Shell has fabulously long legs, so the skirt is a bit short.

I adore the back view of this ensemble

Most of that is a hairpiece

OK, maybe just a bit of the wicked sense of humour:

Hee hee

In other news, I have recovered my photos from the road trip (yay!) so tomorrow I’ll be posting some of those.


  1. Oh I just love this dress, I wish it was made to fit a 6 foot, large busted woman. but it looks like it’s pixie sized.

    • Not pixie sized! I’m 5’8″ and the skirt trails on the ground on me! I’d say it was a proper 12, or even a well-corseted 14.

      I really believe in making dresses in a whole range of sizes, and having models in a whole spectrum of sizes.

  2. Rachel says

    A friend and I are planning Victorian outfits for high tea at the Stamford (sometime in the future….to be ascertained when fabric and complications are sorted), and this is very very inspiring. Hard to strike a balance between boring daywear and too much lace (for my personal taste) in designing something for high tea!

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