Road trip!

This is what we did on our road trip:

Spent a lot of time in a small car (yep, 5 adults and all their stuff in that car)

Tents on the top

Once it even sort of broke down:

The Sewphist looks pitiful and hopes someone will help

There was a lot of singing and joking and car games, and yes, sleeping:


Sometimes we went on hikes:

Flowers and trampers in the mountains

We headed way off the beaten track:

This is where we didn't take the rental car

We even had to ford the occasional stream:

Cold wet feet

After all this exertion, it’s no surprise that we got tired and needed more naps:


Lots and lots of naps…

I'll just lie here now...ok?

To keep our energy up, we ate lots of food.  Some of it was good for us.

Nom nom organic fruit

Most of it wasn’t:

Nom nom ice cream

More than anything, we posed for pictures:

Brrrr...it's cold in here!

Hell-o gorgeous!

Yes, I'm beautiful. So is the scenery.

And took pictures:

Cameras at the ready

Lots of lots of pictures:

Hold still waterfall!

And then there was the random stuff that is hard to explain:

Dear pinecone, I love you

Yeah…about that…


  1. Joie de Vivre says

    Are ALL of the photos of someone sleeping of Shell??? Shouldn’t be surprised!

    Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing last week’s mini trip with me! Except I don’t think we got ANY photos of that one!

    • Well, the Sewphist was always on the go, the Naiad gave me dirty looks whenever I aimed the camera at her, and Morgan was always behind a camera. So yes!

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