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I was planning to write a review of the Jill Salen ribbon corset for today, but decided that I want time to wear and assess the corset, and see how it feels and fits after a bit of time, so…time for a different post.

A totally random post.

A wonderful, sweet friend was just in Tonga for work.  She brought me back two organic Tongan vanilla beans from her own, personal farm.


OMG fabulous!  Even the tin foil she wrapped them in smells good enough to eat.

I’m going to use them to make vanilla sugar.

I’m using organic sugar (hey, if you have best quality organic vanilla, you should at least use good sugar!)

Sugar, vanilla, jar

Vanilla goes in the jar:

Just fits!

Sugar goes over the vanilla:

Organic sugar isn't bleached, so it is gold rather than white

Put on the lid, leave for a few months, and then your sugar will smell like heaven and taste like vanilla.  Makes the best cookies ever.



  1. I recently read about soaking vanilla beans in vodka for a few months as diy vanilla extract… I’ll let you know how that works out.

  2. Mmm, what a yummy gift!

    Vanilla sugar always reminds me of my mum’s baking cupboard in the house I grew up in – I remember asking her what the “funny black thing” in the sugar was, hahaha!

  3. That’s exactly what I’m doing now. Except that I use a non-organic variety of both. Still, the best vanilla sugar.

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