Why Mr Dreamy is dreamy

My mum and I were discussing where I draw the lines between privacy and strict reality on my blog.  What I write about me here is true, but it’s not the whole picture.  It can’t be: the whole picture of my life involves so many other people, and they also have to be able to choose how much of their life goes on the internet.

My mum noted that the only thing I really say about Mr D on the blog is that I think he is dreamy.  (awwww…)

I didn’t really put together exactly what she was saying in this statement for a long time.

Not even when my sister, the Naiad, mentioned that of course she didn’t read my blog, “you call your husband Mr Dreamy on it!” (insert suitably little sister-esque gagging sounds here).

Nope, it took someone calling me ‘The Dreamstress’ out loud in front of my sister, and then mentioning ‘Mr Dreamy’ in the next sentence for her to realise that he is Mr Dreamy because I am the Dreamstress, and for me to realise that my mum and sister had thought that I was calling my poor, put-upon husband an icky-cutesy pet name on my blog!

So yeah, ‘Mr Dreamy’ is not the same as me calling him ‘Mr Smoochy ickle-pookie kins’!  I don’t have that kind of blog!  At least I hope I don’t have that kind of blog!  If I start mentioning that things are ‘totes adorb’ then I might have crossed the line…

Mr D is Mr Dreamy because it works well with my online identity.

He is dreamy though. 😉



  1. Funny, my darling and I just discussed what people say in blogs about their private life on the Net. 🙂 I don’t talk much about my private life, if it isn’t about clothes (or cats) and that is a concious decision. I met a women a while ago who read my blog and she was surprised when I talked about my family as she thought I was childless. And I was surprised that she thought tha,t as my kids are such an important part of my life. But of course, that is a part that I don’t talk about online.

      • See! 😀 I have a grown-up step-daughter and an almost teenage son. Which I don’t exactly hold secret, just not talk about online. For all sorts of reasons. I’m a rather private person and it’s really a lot of things that I don’t expose online, like religious and political ideas. Not that I think it’s wrong to do it, I just don’t want it for myself. I blog because I love talking about clothes and related subjects, the rest of my life is of course extremely important to me, just not visible. 🙂

        I started out with a LiveJournal account, and I still have an Isiswardrobe over there where I post the same thing as on my Blogger blog. I do post some personal stuff on LJ though, but those posts are locked and only visible for a few select. I found it a great relief and help during some very unhappy years, but those posts were never, ever public.

  2. And he looks even more handsome with Felicity on his lap! Though that may be because anything and anyone looks better when shown with a cat. 🙂

  3. Lol! I just got the Dreamstress/Mr Dreamy thing straight away, so never even considered that it might be a sickening pet name!

  4. I only made the connection about a week ago, probably last time you mentioned him. I just assumed you were ridiculously, deliriously in love with your husband. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I’m never sure how much of myself to put on my blog. It’s weird because so many people who know me in real life read it- co-workers, my grandma, old friends from highschool… I try to post the best, and what’s relevant.

    • “I just assumed you were ridiculously, deliriously in love with your husband. And there’s nothing wrong with that.”

      No, there isn’t!

  5. All muy hubby gets called is The Captain lol I didnt take Mr Dreamy as a pet name eiether maybe the sis will read your wonderful blog now?

    • Hmmm…sis will probably consider it less disgusting, but it’s not really her area, so I doubt she’ll read it more.

  6. Elise says

    Isn’t online sharing a funny concept? I wrestle with the same thing as a teacher trying to decide what to tell and not tell the students. It’s a hard line between establishing rapport and retention and becoming to close.

    As a commenter, it’s also scary, because you are inserting yourself in someone else’s business, really. Who gives you the right to believe that your comment is worth reading to someone whom you have never met? But then again, I love–love love–talking about dresses, so egotism wins out, I guess.

    I think that Mr. Dreamy is funny. But I get it mixed up with Grey’s Anatomy.

  7. I always assumed Mr Dreamy went with The Dreamstress, but it’s also an adorable nickname. I think it’s sweet, but not sickly-sweet!

  8. Hah — I had no idea it had to go with being the ‘Dreamstress’ until this post. I thought you were making a reference to “McDreamy” from “Grey’s Anatomy.” And it didn’t bother me in the slightest; isn’t that the whole point of being married and in your 20s? Giving cute nicknames? 🙂

      • Natalie says

        This is exactly what I thought too. The character in Grey’s is called McDreamy (I think it’s Patrick Dempsey) and I thought you thought your hubby was just as DREAMY. LOL I thought it was cute!

  9. I, too, got the Dreamstress/Dreamy connection right away and thought it was a great pairing. It shows you like him much better than if you’d referred to him as Mr Nightmare. 😉
    Grey’s Anatomy had a McDreamy and a McSteamy the last time I watched it.
    I usually just refer to my spouse as The Man, or my husband, or Himself, or even by his first name I could probably call him Grumpy or Troll, as his own chosen online moniker is The Grumpy Troll, but then people who don’t know us would think I didn’t like him and we can’t be having that. Mr Dreamy is so much more imaginative.

  10. I got it early on. Not straight away, but early on.
    Maybe I was a bit delayed in catching it because most of the pictures you post of him are dreamy pictures with Felicity… Of course, Felicity is trying to usurp that photo. I suppose she would like to be called The Dreamy Cat, or something like that.
    And I struggle with the same sort of dilemma – what to write about and what not. I guess every reasonable blogger does… reasonable as opposed to compulsive sharer.

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